5 Unique Gifts For Your Favorite Pet Parent

June 22, 2021 4 min read

Are you looking into different gifts that you can purchase for that special pet lover in your life? Do you have a dog fanatic who's crazy about their furry friend? If so, then that opens a floodgate of gift options to get for the pet parent you're shopping for.

Dog Licking Pet Parents Face

Pet-related gifts will make them happy on multiple levels. They're sure to make them smile due to the cuteness, as well as guarantee that it's a gift they hold onto for the long haul.

See below for an in-depth guide on a few amazing gift ideas for the best pet parents that you know.

1. Pet Portraits

Did you know that, back in 2016, two versions of the infamous "Dogs Playing Poker" painting by C. M. Coolidge sold for a collective $590,000 during an auction event? 

That number is impressive... but not surprising. People love animals. The moment you paint the face of a cute dog that people can relate to, they're willing to pay any price to get their hands on it. Pictures of animals make people smile. They catch people's eyes every time.

That's why getting custom pet portraits is the top priority of gifts to get for the pet parent in your life. These award-winning custom portraits allow you to capture all of the cuteness and magnificence of their favorite pet(s) in a minimalist-style portrait. 

You set the specifics of the poster, and we'll take care of the rest! All that we need is a bit of information, such as:

  • Your preferred poster size: (8" x 12", 12" by 16", and 18" x 24" are available sizes)
  • Your preferred background color
  • Whether or not you'd like to add the pet's name (and what the name is)
  • A photo of the pet you wish to make the portrait of
  • Notes for the designer (EX: please add a name on the left side)

You can also pay additional for a digital file of the pet portrait you create, as well as "skipping the line" to move your order to the front of the production queue.

2. Pet Camera

Once you get them a portrait of their favorite pet or pets (we also do two pet portraits), it's time to move on to other pet-related gifts.

If you know your pet parent well, you know how much they miss their furry friends when they're away. Being away from the house for too long is like a gut punch. All they want to do is be by their little buddy.

While that might not always be possible, you can give them a way to check in on them whenever they'd like by purchasing them a pet camera. This handy camera hooks up with an app on their phone, allowing them to check in on their pets whenever they feel the urge (which is probably all the time).

Some cameras even give them ways to interact with their pets through the camera. Almost all of them have talk-back features. Some come with awesome additions, such as a treat dispenser for dogs or laser pointers to keep your kitties busy while you're bored at work.

3. Custom Magic Mug

Perhaps you're looking for something that the pet owner can actually place on the pet. Maybe you want to make sure that they see the gift you give them every day.

If it's the latter, then the pet portrait is sure to do the trick. If you want to purchase an additional item for the pet himself or herself, then a magic mug is a tremendous option.

This is an especially great idea for pet owners who just got a puppy. Most pet parents will love a magic mug so they can see their new pup even when they're at work. Once you've learned a bit about the pet's style and personality, you can hunt for a dog collar to match it.

4. Treat Ball

One of the most nerve-wracking moments of being a pet parent is leaving them out of their crate while you're away, especially if it's a dog. Although cats are little troublemakers too. 

The trick is to keep them busy. By purchasing your pet parent unique gifts such as a treat ball, you'll give them a way to keep their pet occupied and out of the trash.

Of course, if you're going to buy the treat ball, be sure to buy some treats to put inside the ball when you first hand it to them. Otherwise, that's an extra purchase the owner has to add to their grocery list.

5. Pet Seat Cover

If you know that your beloved pet parent is constantly taking their furry best friend in their car, you'll want to give them way to guard the integrity of their upholstery.

A pet seat is a tremendous gift! They're inexpensive, yet highly functional. They're easy to maintain and hold up well against any type of dog. They're even waterproof!

Purchase this gift if you're looking for something functional and practical. Your pet lover is sure to get many years of usage out of this gift!

Purchase These Gifts for the Pet Parent in Your Life

Now that you have seen several amazing gift ideas to consider for the pet parent you're shopping for, be sure to start with the top of the list!

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