About Us

If you own a pet, then you know that they are as much a part of the family as you are. Our lifespans are much longer than theirs; therefore, our pets spend the majority, if not the entirety of their lives, with us. Whether they are young, old, or have passed on, our little friends deserve a place in our homes and memories forever.

Portraying your pet to display in your home is the perfect reminder of your bond, especially after your pet has passed. However, a detailed picture or illustration of your friend may look out of place in your home when depicted with an unfavorable style. Immortalizing moments with our best friends to capture the essence of why we love them.

At face value, a portrait of your pet hanging from your living room wall is a sweet idea, but may seem tacky or out of place. Our response to this was creating a visually satiating pet portrait that actually compliments the room in which it hangs.

We specialize in illustrating pet portraits by hand to craft beautiful pieces befitting your home and all of the memories you share with your best friend. Our team of artists has created thousands of award-winning pet portraits in our one-of-a-kind art style; our works are displayed proudly in countless homes worldwide.

Our pet portraits make a great gift for family, friends, yourself, and any other pet owner you know. Reviews from our past customers are overwhelmingly positive across the board- we take pride in knowing that we captured the essence of somebody's best friend in beautiful portraits. The feedback we have received over the years has allowed us to perfect our process, and with our experience, we promise to create our customers a portrait they will love so much, it will always have a place on their wall.

We believe that holding onto the memories of our little friends is just as important as the time we spend with them; this value is paramount to the care we put into our portraits.

Impersonate Me: Our Story

Initially, the idea for Impersonate Me began to take shape when founding artist Nathan sought a way to be with his labrador, Rocky. When Nathan left home for his new career and educational endeavors, he was spending time separated from Rocky for far longer than he ever had before. Amidst the new obligations, responsibilities, and life changes, Nathan’s thoughts were with Rocky- he missed him very much.

Dawned with the realization that one day Rocky was going to pass on, Nathan knew just how precious that their time together is- how precious the time any pet owners have with their friends is. Although Rocky would one day be gone, Nathan understood that he would never drift from the lifetime of happy memories he shared with his best friend. He wanted to create something that would allow for them to be together forever. 

Using his art and creative design expertise, Nathan decided on creating a portrait to capture Rocky’s presence, something he could smile upon when he longed to have his best friend by his side. Nathan approached this new project equipped with extensive knowledge of graphic design techniques, psychology of art, and a refined artistic taste that grew throughout his life-long passion for art. What Nathan had created was a portrait in a unique style that complimented any room in which it was hung. 

Upon seeing the newly composed portrait of Rocky, some of Nathan’s friends began asking to have portraits of their pets created as well. More requests for pet portraits were being passed on to Nathan further and further outward from his circle of friends.

And so it was, Impersonate Me was born. Since then, Impersonate Me has been growing ever since, enlisting new artists with the same passion for pets that have created countless portraits, winning many awards along the way. Today, Rocky sits loyally at Nathan’s side while passionately working on portraits of pets- capturing a reminder of somebody’s best friend.

What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

Thousands of pet owners and gift shoppers have commissioned our artists to create portraits, cards, and more, all depicting a pet they know. Our customers love our unique composition and signature style. 

“Absolutely loved this!!! My mom was so happy to have her favorite picture of her and her sister brought to life after she passed away in March. Was such a beautiful and special moment for us.” - Sarah L.

“Best Christmas gift I gave my daughter this year! She absolutely loved it and the likeness of her new Mi-Ki puppy was amazing!” - Wendi D.

“The portrait came out wonderfully and the process was very quick, even with the holiday craziness! The team was great at communicating and helping with any questions. This is a wonderful gift to give to pet parents!” - Jennifer N.

“Got this for our son for Christmas. He LOVES our dog, Storm, so I thought this was the perfect gift. My son was so excited when he saw this gift! He said it’s the best gift ever.” - April L.

“Gave this portrait as a birthday gift to a doggy dad and he loved it! Nikko (our dog) was so excited he wouldn’t sit still for a picture but it is identical to the picture I sent and I will be ordering more portraits in the future of other friends’ pets!” - Olivia R.

“After the recent passing of my husband’s beloved dog of 13 years, I decided this would be a nice way to remember her.” - Crystal A.

“I am BEYOND thrilled with my pup portrait!! Communication with the brand was incredible. So wonderful I ordered another one for my best friend!” -Bronte C.

The highest compliment we can receive from our customers is when they let us know that our work is true to how they would like to remember their pets- we’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to give our customers pet portraits that they truly cherish.

Order a Portrait Of Your Best Friend Today

We offer a variety of mediums you can order your pet’s portrait on. When you order, we allow you to pass on any special requests you might have for your designer- we want to make sure you love the portrait.

Additionally, you can purchase a digital file of the portrait of your order with any purchase you make. If you need your pet portrait ASAP for any reason, you can also choose to “skip the line” when placing your order.

Thank you for supporting independent business during these crazy times,

Nathan and whole Impersonate Me team!