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About Us

I created Impersonate Me because I wanted a way to be with my labrador Rocky, even when life commitments forced us to be apart. When I had to move for school and work I wanted him there, I missed him. It also dawned on me that one day I may lose Rocky, but that does not mean I should lose a lifetime of happy memories with him. I wanted to create something so we could be together forever.

Pets deserve a place in our homes forever. I wanted to create something stylish, that would not look out of place in a living room - I created the first portrait. Initially, I just wanted one for myself. And when friends saw it they asked if i could create one for them too… and so it began. 

I am a graphic designer with 12 years of experience and initially I illustrated every portrait myself, something that became unmanageable pretty quickly. As we have grown I have hired some amazing artists, worked with some amazing illustrators and improved at my craft and range of styles a lot.

Since then, we have come a long way together and our award-winning illustrations have been warmly received in thousands of homes around the world. 

The one constant since the beginning is the loyalty of my pup, Rocky - He stays with me when I’m working long nights and his relentless enthusiasm is infectious. I genuinely don’t think I would have been able to build a company without him by my side.

The feedback we have received from customers has been phenomenal (so far). I had a moment that maybe I am doing something right when we received a message from a customer that our portrait was the, “best gift ever”. This was his entire response and it sums up exactly what we’re trying to achieve. Sleek and stylish illustrations that can fit into any room and when we give them to friends and family they can’t help but smile!

Thank you for supporting small, independent business during this crazy year!

Nathan and the Impersonate Me team