Over the Rainbow Bridge: How to Remember Your Pet Who Has Passed

June 22, 2021 4 min read

There's nothing more heartbreaking than losing a beloved pet. Their time with you is so short and it can be difficult when it's time to let them go. Your pet becomes a member of the family so you want to honor them when they pass.

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Fortunately, there are many ways to memorialize your dog, cat, or other pet after they've passed away. Each of them allows you to remember the good times you had together and keep your pet close to your heart.

If your pet has recently crossed the rainbow bridge, take some time to grieve and take care of yourself. When the time is right, these ideas will help you remember your pet and rejoice in the time you shared. 

Host a Funeral

Just like you remember the life of a beloved human when they die, you can do the same for your pet. A funeral service offers closure and gives you the opportunity to honor the memory of your dog or cat.

Hold the funeral in your backyard or a park that your pet loved spending time at. You don't need to host a graveside service if you plan to cremate your pet. However, if that's your plan, check the laws about burial beforehand.

Put together a slideshow featuring photos of your beloved pet. Share this with the attendees at the funeral. Feel free to open the floor to allow others to share their best memories of your pet. 

Create a Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page

This is an easy idea that you can share with the people in your life. It gives them a chance to honor your deceased pet and provide you comfort in your time of loss. 

Customize your online memorial page with information about your pet. That might include birth and death dates, name, favorite toys and foods, and anything else that sets your pet apart. 

Include plenty of pictures of your pet a well. You might also consider allowing others to post photos of your pet. A comments section lets them offer words of comfort and memories of your dog or cat. 

This can be incredibly therapeutic as you mourn the loss of your beloved animal. Don't forget to include the rainbow bridge poem.

Have a Piece of Jewelry Made

Creating a piece of jewelry in memory of your pet is a unique way to keep their memory alive. A popular choice is to have your pet's paw or nose print scanned onto a necklace or bracelet charm. 

Another idea is to have your dog's or cat's nametag made into a piece of jewelry you can wear. This idea also works with their collar or another special item. 

Each time you wear your piece of jewelry, you can remember your pet and the love you shared. This offers comfort in times of despair and lets you carry your pet's memory with you everywhere you go. 

Order a Pet Replica

Several online sites can take a photo of your pet and create a plush replica. Much like your beloved stuffed animal from childhood, this item brings a lot of comfort when a pet has passed away.

You can choose to have your replica made lifesize or simply a size that you can display in your home. Being able to see your beloved dog or cat, even in plush form can be comforting as you grieve. 

Commission a Portrait

Many people find that pet portraits are a favorite way to memorialize their dog or cat. You can hang custom pet portraits prominently in your home so that you are always reminded of your dog or cat.

Simply supply a photo of your pet and it can be used to create a likeness in many ways. That might be a painting or a laser poster print. It might be a cartoon rendering or a pencil drawing. 

Whatever format you choose, you'll cherish having an artistic recreation of your pet hanging in your home in memory of your time together.

Collect Donations in Honor of Your Pet

A great way to honor your pet's memory is to collect donations. This might be money that you donate to a local animal rescue center or it could be gift cards to share with new pet owners.

You might also consider collecting food, toys, and other pet necessities. These can be given to animal shelters, your local veterinarian's office, or a homeless shelter that accepts animals. 

You can set up an online donation site so that people far and wide can contribute. You can also ask those close to you to donate. Either way, your pet would love knowing you are honoring them in this way. 

Make a Memory Box

If you enjoy crafts, this idea is one you'll love. Use a photo box or other small box. Decorate the outside of the box with stickers, photos, or written quotes. Choose those that remind you of your pet. 

Once it's finished, you can fill the box with mementos. That might be photographs, your pet's collar, and tag, beloved toys, a blanket, or anything else that reminds you of your dog or cat.

You can then display your memory box on a bookshelf or side table in your home. You can reach for it anytime you feel sad and want to remember the joy you shared with your pet. 

You'll Always Remember

Even without these items, you'll never forget when your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge. However, any of them are a keepsake that will make your pet's memory a bit more sentimental. 

There's no right or wrong way to grieve your pet and any of these ideas will keep their memory alive. 

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