8 Fun Gifts For New Pet Owners

June 22, 2021 4 min read

Do you have a new pet parent in your circle? Are you wondering about what to gift them to congratulate them on the new addition to their family? As you already know, pets aren't just offshoots of the family anymore, but intricate parts of it. That's why choosing a functional but fun gift for pet owners is so necessary. Keep reading for 8 fun gift ideas for new pet owners. 

Happy Pet Owner With Dog

1. Pet Portraits

Get award-winning artists to create a beautiful illustration of the pet. In this case, all you need to do is send Impersonate Me a few photos of the pet in question and the artist will choose the best one to create the portrait. It usually takes about 2-3 hours of diligent work to create these pet portraits, and they can be framed and hung up in the pet parents' house.

You can even get the finished piece delivered to your house. You can get one of these custom pet portraits made for the new pet owner in your life for very little effort.

2. Pet Costumes

If the new pet owners are big fans of Halloween and dressing up, then don't let them miss out on dressing up their pets as well. The whole family can dress up alike or in different costumes to truly get into the Halloween spirit. It's about completely including the pet in the festivities, be it Halloween or Christmas. How cute would it be to see the new pets dressed up like lions or tarantulas? 

3. Pet Subscription Boxes

Unsure of what exactly to get the new pet parents? Then how about giving them a subscription to a monthly pet box. There are many different kinds around, but they all work under the same basic idea.

Every month, the new pet owners will receive a box full of themed toys and treats customized to each month. It's a great way to gift the pet and the pet parent every month with fun new treats. No decision-making is required on your part!

4. Treat Mat

Does your friend complain about their hyperactive pet? Does it seem like the pet's exuberance keeps it from relaxing or falling asleep? Then a treat mat is exactly the thing for them.

Spreading peanut butter over the treat mat gives the pet hours and hours of enjoyment, while they lick, lick, lick the peanut butter away. Some pet owners even use treat mats to distract pets while they bathe them.


5. Pet-Themed Coffee Mugs or Socks

For pet lovers, the best gift is always anything pet-themed. That includes the following:

  • Customized key chains
  • Earrings with the pet's faces
  • Dog butt animal magnets
  • Hats or headbands with the pet's face
  • Dog candles
  • T-shirts, stickers, or coffee mugs with the pet's face
  • Socks customized with the pet's face
  • Apron with dog pawprints
  • Shirts with different pet expressions
  • A beautiful notebook with the pet's face or funny expressions
  • Custom pet iPhone case

Seriously anything can be imprinted with the pet's face or body. You can even get your new parents and their new pet matching pyjamas. How cute would that be!?

6. Pet Bandanas

No one can resist a cute dog or cat wearing a bandana! Seriously, they are just too adorable. That's why if you are thinking of giving a fun gift to a new pet owner, then think about giving them bandanas for their pets. They come in all different styles, colors, and themes. You can even give them bandanas for each day of the week, so they can switch things around. 

7. Pet DNA Test

Did your friend adopt their pet from the shelter and they aren't sure of the pet's pedigree? Are they wondering about different breeds that make up their new pet's lineage? Well, a pet DNA test is an easy way of figuring out exactly what breeds make up their new pet's heritage.

All you would need to do is order the pet DNA testing kit to deliver to your home. Once you get the testing kit, just follow the direction within. Send the swab back to the company and they will keep you informed of the details online. 

Not only will it give you the results of the mixed-breed pets, but it will also tell you about any health issues the pet might have. Any genetic mutations or such will be outlined, which is always good to know in advance. 

It's something fun to know for those times when strangers ask the new pet parents, 'Oh, your pet is absolutely adorable. What breed is it?" And they can respond with the exact combination of breeds. 

8. Personalized Pet Storybook

If the new pet owners have a fun story of how they adopted or acquired their new pets, or if they have any fun story about their pets already, then a great way of memorializing that would be to create a pet storybook out of it. Like pet portraits, all you need to do is send the story to the company, creating a fun storybook out of it. 

You can also get them illustrated with images of the pets! It would definitely be a gift that would remain in their hearts for a long time to come. 

Fun Gifts for Pet Owners Are Easy to Get

As pets become more and more a ubiquitous part of society and families, getting fun gifts for pet owners isn't as hard as it used to be in the past. With the gift ideas laid out above, you are well on your way to getting the best gift for the pet parents in your circle. 

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