7 Gifts to Buy For Your Favorite Cat Lover

June 21, 2021 4 min read

Cats are wonderful companions that bring joy and excitement to life, and if you know someone who's a cat lover, then you know that they're probably a feline fanatic.

If you're looking for some unique gifts to give to cat-loving family or friends, we have several ideas to inspire you.

Cat Sleeping

Read on for a list of seven awesome cat gifts to consider for birthdays. holidays, or any time you want to recognize the cat lover in your life.

1. A Custom Pet Portrait

There's no better way to show your love for your favorite feline than with a beautiful custom pet portrait. These adorable portraits are a perfect way to commemorate a special cat and give the recipient something they'll cherish for years to come. 

Pet portraits are adorable, fun to look at, and they make awesome wall art, too. From large posters to framed prints, there are a number of different styles and formats to choose from. The cat lover in your life will be amazed by the personal touch since the portrait features their unique pet that gives the portrait a one-of-a-kind touch.

2. An Awesome Cat Tree

Every cat parent knows that their little feline loves to climb and hide. A nice cat tree is an amazing gift for anyone who happens to own a cat (or several for that matter).

Cat trees encourage playtime, curiosity, and they also give these adorable pets a place to perch up high so they can look out the window. This gift is especially appreciated by any pet parent who has an indoor cat since they can always use the stimulation. Look for a cat tree that has scratching posts so that felines will be encouraged to scratch them instead of the furniture.

3. Catnip Cat Gifts

Catnip is a safe and natural cat intoxicant that felines just love. Look for anything catnip-related, from toys infused with this natural plant to the actual catnip plant itself.

Not only is catnip a classic favorite for cat lovers and cats alike, but it's also a great training tool. You can find catnip gifts in all formats ranging from toys to loose catnip and seeds that you can grow from scratch. This is definitely one gift that all cat lovers can agree will get their furry friends excited.

4. Gifts for the Cat Lover: Monthly Subscription Boxes

You've seen monthly subscription boxes for humans that range from beauty products and coffee to the "bacon of the month club." There are also adorable subscription box options for cat owners, too.

Give your cat-loving friend or family member a special monthly box that contains a variety of fun items for them and their pets. These boxes contain everything from new treats and toys to collars and more. It's a perfect way to show how much you care, and it's also a ton of fun for them to open each month to see what new surprises are inside.

5. Cat-Themed Housewares

From soft and cuddly fleece blankets to adorable printed coffee mugs, there's no shortage of sweet cat-themed products for the home that make amazing gifts. Look for something that features cats that resemble your loved one's pet to make it even more special.

Whether it's a cute mug for their desk at work or a cheerful cat welcome mat, this makes one of the best gifts for cat lovers of all kinds. You can find housewares online featuring a range of adorable cat designs. Keep an eye out for a gift that features a cat that has the same color or features as your friend or family member's cat for an adorable touch.

6. Water Fountains 

Although cats get most of their water intake from their food, it's still very important that they have access to clean drinking water at all times. Like their ancestors and larger wild cousins, domestic cats prefer to drink water from a moving water source rather than a bowl full of still water.

Make your cat's days more exciting with a pet water fountain. These adorable little fountains have a pump inside that keeps the water moving, which encourages the cat to drink more. Just make sure the fountain includes replaceable filters to keep the water clean and clear.

7. Cute Cat Accessories

From soft and fluffy beds to cute collars, there are plenty of amazing cat accessories you can find to give as gifts. Look for something unique that the cat owner in your life doesn't already have.

You can find a range of cat accessories at most pet stores and online. Whether it's a comfy cat sofa where their feline can lounge or a cute set of toys, this is an easy way to give a gift that your cat-owning friend or family member will love. Look for cat accessories that aren't just cute, but that are also useful and functional, too.

Make The Cat Parent in Your Life Smile

Consider these awesome gifts for the cat lover in your life so they can share the love with their special pet. Whether it's a custom portrait they can hang on the wall, a monthly subscription box, or a useful water fountain, there is no doubt that they'll love whatever they receive.

Giving gifts like this will make the pet parent in your life feel appreciated and loved.

If you're looking for some awesome custom pet portraits, be sure to explore our selection and contact us today to find out more!