Everything You Need to Know About Custom Pet Portraits

June 21, 2021 4 min read

We all know someone obsessed with their pet.

Whether they're throwing their cat a quinceanera or making a homemade birthday cake for their dog, everyone knows a pet lover in their life. You might be that pet lover.

Portrait Of Dog

But, aren't you tired of always gifting toys and treats?

Does Fluffy really need another plush to rip the stuffing out of? Don't you want something that will really 'wow' the pet lover in your life? Or are you the pet lover that wants something more personal than an engraved tag?  

Three words.

Custom. Pet. Portraits. 

Charming, hand-painted, and completely personalized to match even the smallest spot, custom pet portraits are a wonderful way to show off that special furball (or scale buddy, or feathered friend) in your life. 

Still not convinced that pet portraits are the way to go? Here are a few reasons why pet people are buying gifts of their pets.


Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Having a customized portrait of them is deeply personal and can serve as a constant reminder of the love they had for their lost pet. A painting makes a great, sentimental gift for someone who has recently lost their pet.

Conversation Starter

What guest wouldn't be immediately drawn to an adorable, hand-painted portrait of a pet? Any kind of art makes a great conversation starter, but pet people are happiest talking about their furry friend. Who wouldn't ask questions about a picture of a dog wearing a bowtie?

A Lasting Gift

When properly cared for, pictures can last beyond a lifetime. While a painting of your dog might not be as protected as the Mona Lisa, you're sure to have the unique gift for a long time. A portrait will certainly last longer than a bag of treats!

A Look at Generations

Some families like to hang pictures of their grandparents, great grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and so on. Why not do the same with pets? Whether it's a prestigious line of top show dogs and their pups or just a timeline of the owner's pets throughout their lives, a generational showpiece is sure to impress. 

Just for Laughs

Tearing open a gift box to reveal a painting of your pet is sure to get some giggles. There isn't a single person that wouldn't be happy receiving a thoughtful, fun picture of their pet. The best part? Every time they look at it, they'll smile. 

Where to Start? 

Finding the perfect pet portrait online can be a challenge, but if you're browsing the internet for some great custom pet portraits, you should look no further than Impersonate Me. 

By a Pet Lover, for Pet Lovers

Impersonate Me was created by accident. The founder, Nathan, wanted a portrait of his labrador, Rocky, to keep him company while he moved away for college. So, he made one. People loved his unique style and wanted more. The rest is history.

Why not support a small business owner that loves pets just as much as you do?

Beyond Pet Portraits

Impersonate Me doesn't just offer hanging paintings. You can slap your pet's cute face on a phone case or even on a blanket! There aren't many things in the world cuter than cuddling with your dog or cat on a blanket with their likeness on it.

Superb Quality

Hundreds of pet lovers are in love with their Impersonate Me portraits. The best part is that the reviews on Impersonate Me often times have a side-by-side comparison of the pet and the portrait so you can see how accurate these paintings truly are. You don't have to worry about opening your gift and seeing a black or brown blob where your precious pet is supposed to be.

Four Easy Steps

Everyone hates when ordering a gift turns into a game of "click-and-hope". Impersonate Me has simplified the process of ordering their pet portraits into 4 easy steps. 

Step One

Find the photo of your pet that you want to make into the portrait and upload it. Having trouble picking the right one? No worries, you can send a few pictures to Impersonate Me and their team of professional artists can help pick the most flattering photo.

Step Two

You can personalize your pet portrait (or blanket, or phone case, or reversible sequin pillow) even further by adding their name, silly glasses, and even a sombrero! You can also ask to add other pets and even people in the portrait as well. The combinations of customizations are endless! 

Step Three

It's this step where Impersonate Me really shines. Their team of designers triple-checks the quality of the work to make sure it's the best portrait of your pet. 

Step Four

Wait for the postman to put your secured, tracked package into the mailbox! Orders take about 3 -5  days to process, while shipping can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. 

Customize Anywhere, Anytime

Do you live outside of the UK or United States? No worries! Impersonate Me ships worldwide so that any pet lover can receive their personalized portrait. Impersonate Me also accepts many different forms of currency, so payment isn't a problem.

Ready to dive in and put a smile on the face of your pet-loving friend? Check out our site and have a look at all the happy pets and people on our front page. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Happy customizing!