Boris Draschoff
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This stunning piece by Boris Draschoff inspires us to think about nature, life, and the path one walks in life. One may ask themselves what they think about these subjects while looking at this amazing artwork. We see a rouge sun with a silhouetted tree and birds on a serene sky facing the viewer.


About The Artist

Boris Draschoff is a Berlin-based artist who creates bold designs using simple objects. He is very fond of using geometric shapes, cubism and work that means something unique to each person who views it.

How it Works

Our enhanced prints use museum-quality, giclée matte paper to give your chosen design a premium finish that will light up your room. Each portrait comes with the option to be framed in an Alder, hardwood frame sourced from renewable forests. High-quality workmanship will help you display and enjoy your artwork for years to come!