Ultimate Guide To Wall Art

July 27, 2021 7 min read

Getting Started

When you picture your forever home, what kind of atmosphere and environment are you trying to create? In recent years, we have seen a shift in the approach of interior decorators and homeowners, as they move away from the statements of bold colours and bright walls, and instead integrate wall art and colour into the accessories they furnish their home with instead.

Wall Art

Wall art is just one subsection of interior styling; however, it is one which presents endless opportunities and allows every room in your home to take on its own theme and impact regardless of furniture, paint colour, and functionality. 

Here at Impersonate Me, wall art is our thing. It’s how we express ourselves, and it’s the gift we give to all our customers which allows them to find their emotions and all their favourite things without our collection of frames and canvases. Every piece we offer is printed to a high quality in a selection of different sizes, allowing you to decide whether each piece should make a statement, become a focal point, or blend into a wider decorative scheme supported by other pieces. 

Let’s take a closer look at what we offer and how every one of our collection elevates and brings various homes to life. 

The Benefits of Wall Art

Wall art is a way of bringing something colourful and standout into any space in your home, without making a permanent fixture or decorative decision. The fluidity of trend and different styling preferences means that while one piece of wall art might bring life and colour into one room, you might find that in another room or even in a different season that piece reflects a different vibe and doesn’t quite match the mood you were looking to create. 

In the modern home, we know how important it is to express creativity and exude elements of your family or personal life in your environment, and what’s exactly what our vast collection of wall art pieces offers - with each framed piece bringing something different to a space. 

Another benefit of wall art is the way that some pieces are able to create the illusion of more space and additional textures, even when they are simple prints. From the feathers of a bird to the salty waves of a seascape, wall art that makes you want to reach out and touch the subject brings something new to a room and can transport the observer to somewhere entirely different as a form of escapism. 

Our framed prints have the wow factor and the simple fact that a single statement piece of wall art has the power to become a conversation starter, to draw people further into your home, and to invite them to see different sides of you as a homeowner. More often than not, wall art is used to create colour and impact where home décor is otherwise fairly neutral, and so the pieces are selected to bring balance and harmony to the space while giving it a main focal point. 

Our Different Types of Wall Art on Offer

First thing’s first, the beauty of wall art for the home is that it can be as personal or as subjective as you want it to be. From personalised pet prints to custom images, quotes and graphics and more, wall art can be as visual as you want it to be in order to suit and compliment the space where it will be. The main factors to consider when it comes to selecting wall art for the home are:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Design
  • Imagery

Framed prints with minimal colour and a simpler design will blend into a space and help soften the look of a bolder room, whereas something with lots of block colour and complex imagery will require more focus and can detract from other parts of the room if hung in a central location. 

It is also worth considering the kinds of lines used in the wall art you choose, as rounder and softer lines can create an entirely different environment to straight and very angular lines and shapes. 

In addition, wall art is often used in offices and public spaces to share messages, visions, and to inspire different mindsets - for example, a company vision statement may be visualised in a frame for the main reception of an office space, or a single inspirational quote could be hung up in a school or community building to inspire a sense of togetherness. 

Above all, wall art should inspire a certain type of reaction and response which is fitting with the space it is in - whether that be to steal focus or to create a sense of calm and balance. 

Introducing Our Framed Prints

Wall art for the family home is something we are intent on offering to all our customers, with accessible designs and visual creations which are available in a range of sizes and finishes for all different home types and interior styles. 

Silhouette Wall Art

The majority of our natural wall art pieces are based around silhouettes - and for good reason. Silhouette art has grown immensely popular over the last few years as they bring a sense of fantasy and romance to any piece of art and allow the artist to express emotion and feeling through different colours. With a removal of detail comes more freedom in how you choose to express different things, and that is certainly true when it comes to home décor and bringing your living space to life in different ways. 

Silhouette and sun wall art

Our silhouette collection deliberately offers a variety of interpretations and styles, from the abstract to the photo-realistic, in an effort to give every interior stylist the natural sun scape they are looking for. 

Natural Wall Art

This includes our bird wall art, our sun wall art, and our leaf wall art - which all touches on elements of nature and help create that transition between your inside and your outside space for a welcoming and open family home. These pieces tend to be most popular in living rooms and bedrooms as they instinctively create a sense of harmony which makes these areas of the home more relaxing, supported by the kinds of colours that exude balance and tranquillity.

Bird Wall Art

The bird wall art pieces in our collection blend together with the sun scapes as most of our pieces reflect the outline and silhouette of birds against the sun as a backdrop. You will notice as you look through our collection that every bird piece focuses on outlines and silhouettes rather than detail and close-ups, representing that removal we have from creatures in nature and integrating the sense of freedom and mystery that birds have. 

Meanwhile, our sun art pieces are all representative of different seasons and different states of natural excellence - whether it’s the luxurious and warm sunrise over the palm trees or the backdrop of the sun lighting up the bare trees of winter. These sunrise pieces are particularly popular in bedroom décor as they offer a sense of awakening and new beginnings. 

If you’re looking for wall art that stems from nature but also encompasses and celebrates the juxtaposition of nature and our surrounding environment, two further collections as part of our natural wall art include the tree and the leaf pieces. While the representations of trees are again very removed and tend to focus on outlines and silhouettes rather than the detail or colour of a tree in various states across the seasons, our different pieces from the Leaf collection offer a close up look at different styles and types of leaves - creating an entirely different vibe which is much moodier and more sombre. These particular pieces are darker in tone despite their natural base and lend themselves well to light and bright bathroom and kitchen spaces rather than darker bedrooms. 

 The choice between a black or a white frame is the final choice you will be given when selecting your piece of art from our website, and we recommend giving thought to whether the piece is designed to stand out or blend in - and whether it is going to be hung in a light and open space, or a more intimate setting. 

Nursery Wall Art

If it’s fun and the colour you are looking for, our nursery collection exudes character and simple charm - with every piece telling its own story and introducing its own set of characters and figures. When it comes to decorating a child's room, we know that parents want nursery wall art and decorative accessories which will inspire their children and breathe life into their space, while still complementing the overall vibe and theme of the room. That’s why as part of our collection we offer a range of different finishes, from simple line drawings to more complex and fantastical scenes - and a selection of different animals. 

Giraffe Nursery Wall Art

Whimsy lies at the heart of our Nursery collection, and every piece is crafted to open your child’s imagination and encourage them to attach personalities and thoughts onto each animal within the art. 

Picking your perfect piece

The perfect piece of wall art should brighten up your room and create the kind of balance which brings together the different items of furniture and styling decisions in the space. As we have already touched on, the flexibility and portability of wall art (as opposed to wallpaper and wall paint) allows you to experiment with different colours in different locations - trying out the different light settings and seeing which pieces and which tones work in different areas of the house. 

When it comes to picking your perfect art print, we recommend starting with a general idea of where you want a piece to be displayed and what kind of mood you want it to portray, and then measuring the space to see what kind of size of print you are looking for. If you’re filling a blank or very neutral space, the bigger the better - be intentional with your decorative decisions and know that a big piece will seem like a deliberate styling choice while a smaller piece may become lost.

Once you have an understanding of the size of framed print you can get and the type of tone and vibe you are looking for, it’s time to dive into our different collections and identify the colours and visual displays that appeal to you the most. This is where you will need to distinguish between the detailed photo-realistic pieces of some artists, and the distant abstract nature of other artists - and don’t forget that wall art allows you to experiment with pieces and placement, so don’t feel that one purchase is your final and only choice!

Top tip: For darker rooms lean towards minimalist pieces which offer more blank space and a wider border. Too much colour can be overwhelming in a dark space and can make the room feel smaller. Meanwhile, a lighter and more open space can feel cold without colour, so use wall art as a way of injecting colour into a bright space to make it feel more homely.