Home Decor Ideas For Pet Lovers

June 28, 2021 4 min read

It happens to everyone. You come home one day and take a look around, only to realize that none of your decor shows how much you love your pets!

Lady Taking Photo With Her Dog

Don't worry! We have some paw-fect home decor ideas that are a great addition to any pet owner's home. Check out this guide to see what your home needs next!

Pet Storage Solutions

One of the best home decor ideas is to get a basket for all your pet's toys when they're not in use. There are canvas baskets as well as wicker picnic-style baskets available to help any pet owners out there keep a tidy home. You can conveniently store all your pet's toys when company comes, and add a cute accent piece to your home.

You may also consider getting a key rack for your house or car keys and for your pet's leash! This can help keep everything organized so you are ready to go when your pet needs a walk.

Puppy-shaped dog treat or cookie jars can be a great addition to your kitchen! Refrigerator magnets or push pins shaped like cats and dogs can be a subtle accent for your refrigerator or kitchen corkboard to help you organize your space.

For other storage solutions for your pet, you can consider what other pet items need to be secured when you have guests, and how you can maximize your storage space.

Pet Portraits

The true crowning jewel of pet decor would be a perfect portrait of your pet! You could hang this portrait anywhere in your home, including above the mantel, in the hallway or entryway, or anywhere your friends and guests can admire a picture of your beloved cat or pup!

These custom portraits have you send in your favorite picture of your dog or cat and turn it into a unique work of art for your home. There are options for both plain and framed posters to give your pet the spotlight they deserve. If you have two pets who are inseparable, you can also get a portrait of both of them together!

This can also be an amazing gift idea for the pet-lover in your life. It's a great way to honor your pet for always being there by your side. There are custom color options and styles available to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of that special pet.

Pet Beds

One way to spruce up your home decor for your pet is with a stylish pet bed! You can turn your home into a zone of peace and comfort for your pets without sacrificing the look of your interior decor.

Elevated pet beds offer a little extra class compared to standard pet beds. It helps to incorporate the pet's bed into the style of the home, rather than adding it in as an afterthought. Making your pet's furniture match the home furniture also helps it seem like your pet is a real member of the family.

There are all kinds of furniture covers, blankets for pets, and other nifty pet bedding items that serve as functional places for your pet to relax, ways to protect your furniture, and as a pop of color for the room.

People Beds and Hand Towels

In addition to pet bedding, people bedding can get a pup-grade as well! Blankets, pillows, hand towels, and more can show off your love for your pets.

True pet lovers will adore this custom portrait blanket of their pet! It's made with microfiber fleece for ultimate softness, and it features custom artwork of your furry friend. This works great for an accent blanket in the living room, or for added comfort to any bedroom.

There are also some decorative pillows and pillow covers available for pet owners to show how much they love their fur babies. These range from minimalistic paw-print designs to sequin surprise pillow portraits of your pets.

Hand towels and kitchen towels can be a more subtle way to add paw-prints and kitten whiskers to your home decor. These little accents go a long way towards showing your guests who's the real star of your home.

Other Pet Home Decor Ideas

Looking to go the extra mile? If you're looking for even more ideas to decorate your home with your pets in mind, check out these ideas for your pet pals!

Dog Decor

Paw-print doormats, food bowl stands, and food bowl mats can all help your home stay clean when dealing with rowdy pups!

There are also some creative ways you can incorporate a dog house or kennel into your interior or exterior home designs, with everything from modern dog homes to under-the-stairs doggy-door kennels.

Cat Decor

Luxury cat towers, hide-away cat cubbies, and cat food bowls and mats can help your cat feel like the prince/princess they are!

If you're the gardening type, you might get a kitty-shaped planter for catnip or other indoor or outdoor plants. Cat-shaped spoon holders for your kitchen, or soap dishes for your bathroom can help shape the cat theme for your home.

Other Animals

Do you have other kinds of pets? Maybe you'd like a goldfish shower curtain, hamster tube wall tunnels, or statues of your lizard or ferret?

Small accents can help decorate coffee tables, entryway tables, and more. Larger accent pieces such as pillows, wall art, and more can bring color and personality to your rooms. Experiment with your home to see what kinds of home decor will help you show off how much you love your pets!

Finding Pet Decor for Your Home

Which of these pet-inspired home decor ideas would work the best for your home? We hope you found something fun to help you remember your pet in your home's decor!

Whether you're looking for blankets, pet bedding, kitchen gadgets, or custom framed posters of your fur baby, there's something out there for even the pickiest of pet lovers! Check out our shop to find some great pet home decor items for you or other pet owners you know!