7 Unique Gifts Every Hamster Lover Will Enjoy

June 22, 2021 4 min read

"Are you a dog person or a cat person?"

You've heard the question a million times. Whichever side you're on, you're inadvertently leaving out a key segment of the pet-owning population. A revolution is beginning, and your friend the hamster lover demands to be taken seriously! 

Hamster being looked after

We know you don't want to leave your hamster-owning friend in the dust! As it turns out, there is a way to honor and validate your friend's love for the world's most popular pet rodent. There are many gifts out there that can help you celebrate the pet hamster, including a few personalized gifts that will blow any hamster lover's mind! 

Read on to learn about seven incredible gifts for hamster lovers that will keep your friend's (hamster) wheels spinning! 

Personalized Gifts 

These days, you can get almost anything printed with a dog or cat's face on it. Did you know that almost any company that can create custom gifts can do so with the image of a hamster, too? Snap a good photo of your friend's hamster and check out all of the options for classy and customized surprises! 

1. Framed Custom Pet Portrait

Hamsters are quick, and they tend to hibernate during the day. As a result, hamsters seldom sit still long enough to have their portraits painted. As it turns out, all you need to achieve high-quality wall art of your hamster is a clear digital photo! 

pet portrait is a classy and completely personalized gift! All true hamster fans know that hamsters can be just as distinctive as other pet animals, with unique markings and colors. Custom wall art featuring your friend's hamster is an unexpected, unique, and thoughtful way to show that you care about their pet as an individual. 

If your friend has two pet hamsters, you can even get them both pictured in the same portrait. As an added touch, you can include the hamster's names on the wall art. No pet sitter will ever confuse one hamster for another again!

2. Custom Pet Phone Case

What's better than a customized hamster portrait hanging on the wall in your home? How about a customized hamster portrait that you can take with you anywhere!

A phone case is a wonderful way to express oneself when out in the world, especially for pet lovers. A custom cellphone case is an original way for a hamster owner to share his or her love of hamsters with the world!

Figure out what kind of phone your friend has. Once you do, an artist will create a bespoke rendering printed on a high-quality phone case. 


3. Custom Pet Fleece Blanket

Dog and cat owners get the luxury of curling up with their beloved pets in bed or on the sofa. Hamster lovers tend to be out of luck at cuddle time. If only there was a way for hamster owners to cuddle with their little lovable friend!

Custom pet blankets to the rescue! You can have an image of your friend's hamster printed onto a full-sized fleece blanket! This is a fun and clever way to give your friend the gift of snuggling up with their tiniest friend! 

You can customize the color of the blanket itself to add another personal touch. Consider choosing a color that matches your friend's living room or bedroom. Luxury hamster throws might become the next trend in high-end home decor!

4. Custom Pet Sequin Pillow Cover

Hamsters are common pets for children, so the hamster lover you are shopping for is likely on the youthful side. If that's so, a funky personalized sequined pillow cover is a trendy way to appeal to the young or young at heart! 

When you shift the sequins on this pillow cover, the custom image of your pet will appear! It can be a soothing fidget tool for those with anxiety, ADHD, or Autism, too. 

The pillow covers come in a variety of sequin colors. Your friend can display the pillow with either the sequins or the pet portrait visible. 

Other Hamster Gifts

If you can't manage to snap an award-winning photo of your friend's hamster, don't worry. There are plenty of gifts out there for hamster fans that don't involve a sneaky photoshoot! 

5. Hamster Plush

There is another way to make your friend's dream of cuddling with a hamster come true! A hamster plush is an adorable gift that can help honor any hamster fan!

It is amazing how many different options there are out there, representing many breeds. If you did want to attempt to find a plush that resembles your friend's hamster, it's not impossible!

If you are less attached to photorealism, seek out a "kawaii hamster plush." Kawaii is the Japanese word for "cute." Your search will yield a selection of chubby, doe-eyed friends, ready for gifting!

6. Hamuketsu Books

What's cuter than a photo of a hamster? Apparently a photo of a hamster's backside! Another Japanese trend is photographing the bums of fluffy hamsters and printing those photos in adorable books! 

These books are coffee-table-style tomes featuring photography intended to inspire squeals of delight! You can expect to find photos of hamsters stuck in a variety of places. You'd be surprised how cute a hamster looks from behind, and your hamster-loving friend will certainly agree! 

7. Hamster Furniture

What better way to appeal to the hamster lover than by purchasing a gift for their hamster? There is a social media craze in which owners cook hamster-sized delicacies! Fans refer to the trend as "tiny cooking."

Has your hamster-loving friend been preparing tiny burritos for their pet? If so, you might want to buy them a tiny table and chair where their hamster can enjoy their meal! The internet also boasts a wealth of bespoke hamster hammocks, beds, and even sofas!

If not, there are many simpler accessories for hamster habitats! Pop into the pet supply store and see what other hamster furniture is available for cages! 

Spoil Your Hamster Lover

If you have a friend who loves hamsters, you have plenty of options when it's time to spoil them! Whether you're seeking a customized pet portrait or a quirky gift straight out of a meme, there is something that will make any hamster lover's day! 

If you're ready to go the custom route for your hamster lover, check out this selection of best-selling custom pet products and get the (hamster) ball rolling! Your friend, and their hamster, will thank you!