7 Great Ideas for Custom Pet Pillowcases

August 27, 2021 11 min read

Being a pet parent is the ultimate gift.

Don't get us wrong, being a human parent is pretty cool, too. But our furry family members bring a little something extra into our lives.

They show us how to love unconditionally. They greet us at the door when we arrive home after a rough day. They are there for us through the best and worst moments of our existence.

Custom Pet Pillowcases

If you're thinking of a creative way to immortalize your fur baby, custom pet pillowcases work an absolute treat.

Having little trinkets throughout the house to remind us of just how special our pets are can spread the love. The same love you feel when you hang up photos of your favorite memories.

Not only is it an honorary item in your home that showcases your little buddy, but it can double as a token of comfort.

Like most art forms, there are a million different ways to pull off your desired effect. Figuring out what mediums you'd like can be a fun process. Between sizing, texture, and color scheme, the combinations are endless. 

Let's break down what flexible custom work looks like.

Finger on the Trigger

In 2021, there are a million ways to express your creativity.

Similarly, there are more than enough ways to take your idea and send it through the lens of a specialty artist. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.

And when great minds come together it’s incredible to see what that finished product could look like. Any creative will tell you that having a focal point before you begin the legwork of your project is key.

In this case, we're talking about a pet portrait. How can you find the perfect pet pillowcase without the perfect photo of your pet?

You might have 1 million low-quality, low-resolution photos of your fur babies on your phone. If you’re going to create a memorable, timeless work of art to honor that fur baby, wouldn’t it make sense to do it right?

Your first step is to find someone who can do a professional portrait of your pet, and there’s nothing worse than nightmare DIYs. We’re talking hyper pixelated photos stretched over a canvas that makes the resolution that much more difficult to see.

You don’t want a blurry pixelated version of your dog or cat. You want that beautiful baby's smile to be crispy, smooth, and very much representative of who they really are.

The good news is that a portrait series is a total investment. If you get multiple portraits done, you can use different ones on other custom items. Everything from custom pet mugs to custom pet tote bags.

This is especially handy if you have family members who love their fur babies as much as you love yours. Custom pet gifts fill the heart in ways that your classic gifts just don't.

The Break Down

When seeking any service, it’s important to know every detail about the work you’re paying for.

Time is money.

There was a time when businesses held true to their word and advertising wasn’t the only way to measure whether or not they’re worth the hassle.

Word-of-mouth is valuable. If people are talking about a service you’re considering using, it’s a good sign that they’re worth every penny. Having flexibility I’m doing business of any kind as I need that can be identified at the beginning of this process

Accessibility is a huge part of choosing an online vendor. If you are curious about which business to give your money to, checking to see if they have global shipping hubs.

A solid business will give you an idea about how many days the process will take. This is especially important during the holidays and for time-sensitive related gifts.

Ensure that your order will have a tracking number and that the order is insured. You also want to be certain that the level of quality matches the business is promised to its customers.

Making sure that they have a transparent section on their website dedicated to answering these questions is very helpful. It can promote the trust and confidence needed to build solid rapport with a company you're about to do business with.

And, if you’re struggling to pick out a photo or to brainstorm, the business you're considering should be available to help.

You can guarantee that any business worth your time would encourage you to reach out and have the support needed to guide you through the ordering process.

Here's 7 great ideas for your custom pet pillowcases.

1. Personalized Name

Our given names tell stories about who we are.

The origin of a name goes back eons, but specifically around the Romans. The nomenclature designated by grammarians offered linguistic symbols to represent a person. 

So what's in a name? Well, a little bit of everything. It can be an idol of family history or a bold dive into new territory.

It has been held as a system with which to gauge class and wealth and to honor leadership lineage. Names are a tiny peek into the glimpse of a person's past, present, and maybe their future, too.

Our parents, grandparents, and admirable people across the world have been memorialized in the names of the future. And there's no difference when it comes to our pets.

There's always more to a name than meets the eye. Maybe your cat is named after your favorite female protagonist because she is strong, fierce, and loving.

Or maybe your dog is named after your great grandfather who took care of the family until his last breaths on earth. No matter the origin, your pet's name holds value. It is filled with nostalgia, laughter, and love. 

How many times have you heard a rescue story that pulled at those heartstrings? When you beckon to your pet, their name echoes the great work of those who came before them.

And even if your pet's name is something you chose at random, something silly that makes you laugh, or something ethos-centric that can bring tears to your eyes, it still sits with you.

When you glance down at that name on something as welcoming as a pillow, you are forever reminded of your furry companion. Nothing breeds more comfort than that.

2. Headshot

Headshots didn't begin on career-focused websites.

In fact, headshots have been being used to promote business for around 180 years. You read that right, we didn't invent everything.

Throughout history, we've found humor in the classic versions of keepsakes. If you think back to your grandparent's home, you probably see walls filled with old photographs. A way to capture a life well lived through film.

The classic gold frames, the airbrushed 80s hair. Those headshots live on as reminders of the way things once were; immortalized on drywall. Headshot pillowcases are arguably some of the most endearing accessories available.

And it doesn't stop at pillowcases. 

The beautiful thing about headshots, aside from what's on them, is their versatility. Headshots can be used for custom pet mugs, custom pet blankets, and a whole world of unique gifts for you and your loved ones. 

Perhaps the most meaningful way to share the gift of a pet headshot is after a fur friend's soul has left its body. When a pet passes on, its absence is immeasurable.

The space we hold for the losses in our lives looks different for everybody. For some, it could be an altar, for others a tombstone that they visit frequently. Some folks wear the ashes of their loved ones around their necks.

Some even turn to taxidermy.

Whatever your preferred method of preservation, a headshot pillowcase of your sweet fur baby can help you experience joy. And we know the shortage of joy all too well.

3. Memorable Quotes

Perhaps nothing helps us process the ups and downs of life quite like the arts.

Be it a film, a song, or a book, the happiness and pain of the world can be cataloged into so many words through various mediums.

Quotes can reach us, grab hold of us and take us down a path we might never have seen.

Sometimes it takes a writer like Ray Bradbury or Bob Dylan to remember exactly what type of feelings can be captured through words. Bradbury describes a hot southern summer through such intense imagery that you can almost taste the grapes the main character eats straight from the vine.

Some quotes will hit you right in the chest, with feelings, aching, and longing. Some settle into your bones and remind you to express your gratitude.

When it comes to your favorite quotes that remind you of the love you have for your pet, remember that you have a lot of creative freedom in your design.

Maybe your dog was there for you when you lost a loved one, and maybe Forrest Gump really brings out the feelings you have around spending furever with your pup. Imagine a silly portrait of your fur baby stretched over your favorite pillow with the quote, "what's normal anyway?" added underneath.

The potential for laughs and tears is boundless when it comes to quotes about or reminiscent of those little nuggets.

So, whether you're adopting a new pet, are in the midst of the golden years, or otherwise, there are endless words to convey our feelings about our pets. A custom pillowcase donning that favorite quote sounds like a dream gift.

4. The Whole Gang

Brothers and sisters, no matter the age, state, or breed - will find a way to make each other jealous. 

We are inherently built to argue with our siblings. It's written in our ancestral DNA. For centuries, siblings have fought for their parent's attention and acceptance. 

From East of Eden to Game of Thrones, there will always be tension between brothers and sisters.

As a pet parent of multiple pets, you may have noticed a little jealousy between the "kids" when one is receiving belly scratches and the other isn't.

In the same way you have to buy each of the babies their own bone, you might want to honor their connection to one another by having a group family portrait done. Maybe one photo is of the pets themselves, and another is the whole family.

In the same realm, having a "kids only" portrait done for your custom pillowcase could be a great gift to the grandparents, and yourself! When it comes to pets and humans, the benefits that each companion offers the other are held with grace.

We consider our pets our family. They are our trusted companions. They bring us immense joy and are always ready for a good play session.

Beyond the obvious, there's data that suggests that having a pet in the family can have a positive impact on everyone's wellbeing. Pets can support us in alleviating symptoms from rough periods of our lives.

Whether it's loneliness or depression, our furry friends have been shown to bring our mental health back to a balanced place.

So, when you're considering your custom pet pillowcase, think about how wonderfully a family portrait would translate into something that you can hold, and that can help you feel held, too.

5. Artists Interpretation

When you work with an artist, you'll typically have a consultation in person or over the phone.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the whole experience. You get to speak your vision into existence. The creative you're working with can hear you and offer many accommodations within their guidelines.

When you get a tattoo, for instance, you'll outline your ideas for your tattoo artist. The two of you will bounce ideas back and forth off of one another until you reach the desired outcome.

When you're looking into custom pet pillowcases, talk about the different approaches your artist might be able to use.

Your artist might be able to work out a combination of headshots and quotes. They could even bring in a series of mediums and textures that you didn't anticipate.  

When you place your idea in the hands of an expert, you can have full confidence that they will execute your dreams into reality.

6. Life-Size

In 1992, Rick Moranis blew up the kid. 

It was a belly laugh film that depicted a blown-up version of a toddler in an accidental science experiment. But, it spurred a total re-envisioning of what "life-size" could really look like.

From dolls to wall posters, life-size items showed us that when we have more of something, it's just better.

Life-size pillows are also known as body pillows. We know that body pillows are great for back pain and comfort in general. And who could say no to some extra comfort in their bed?

Many people report sleeping with body pillows just feels better because they're bigger. Studies show that sleeping at certain angles is better for blood flow and our joints.

Body pillows (or pregnancy pillows as they're sometimes referred to) can support sleeping at a particular angle. With our powers combined, we can match the perfect pillow to the perfect pillowcase. 

This is what we, in the business, refer to as, "best-case scenario".

Can you imagine curling up in bed with a body pillow that has your pet's life-sized body on it? Maybe even bigger, depending on the furry friend in question. 

Maximum comfort, maximum snuggles. Life-sized pillows know no bounds through age or other classifications. And cuddling doesn't, either.

7. Travel

While it's been a rough year for travel, the bug still bites.

Coming up with the perfect trip is one of the most exciting ways to live out our dreams. Picking out the best spots for food and libations. Doing some research on the local hikes.

With the hustle and bustle of new people everywhere, it's easy to feel small. We can pause on our daily stressors and kickback.

Traveling is touted as one of the best things for our mental health. We gather more information about the world through this process. We find ourselves in exciting situations that we never could have anticipated.

And when you travel with a loved one, it can build a special bond between you. Traveling to a foreign country can be an especially nerve-wracking experience, so having your person there means you're going to get through it together.

For centuries, it has been in our nature to explore the great unknown. In the modern world, we're extra lucky to be afforded the comforts that travelers past would oogle at today.

Between neck pillows on a long flight or a pillow from home on a scenic drive, the amount of warmth provided by each is worth the extra load.

Designing a custom pet pillow to take with you on the road can help alleviate some common symptoms while exploring the world around you.

How many of us have found ourselves in a heightened state while traveling? Between delayed flights, flat tires, and whatever else the universe has in store for us.

If you find yourself sleeping on the ground for a few hours at the airport, what better reminder that life is good than seeing your pup's face as you nestle into your travel-sized pillow.

Custom Pet Pillowcases at Work

There's a "treat yo self" vibe in the air as the colder months settle in.

It's hard to treat just yourself when there are wonderful people all around you. Celebrating the people we love is one of the most honest expressions of care and consideration.

Sometimes we can do this through gifts, sometimes we can do this with words. And always, is it appropriate to do both.

Whether you're looking to spruce up the guest room or make your parents smile, you cannot go wrong with items adorned with the family pet's faces on them.

Custom pet gifts make incredible holiday tokens and birthday surprises.

The second best thing next to receiving a puppy with a big old red ribbon is receiving a picture of the moment you were gifted your precious puppy with the big old red ribbon.

If you've lost your pup, and you're looking for ways to incorporate their memory into your daily routine, consider customizing memorial gifts. From wearables to snug-ables, you have a broad range of options to look through.

Happiness is simple. If you look hard enough for where it radiates, you can find yourself surrounded by it. In fact, studies show that doing nice things for yourself can actually give your mental health a boost.

We spend an awful lot of time stuck in cyclical thought patterns that aren't helpful to ourselves or our loved ones. So, if we lose a pet, or we just need something to cheer ourselves up, treating ourselves to whatever it is, is in our best interest.

Pillows are signals of rest. They're reminders for you to take a load off, take a deep breath and let your bones relax. The combination of your pet's essence and your cozy pillow is the stuff that makes the sunrise each day.

It's Time

We joke all the time about who rescued who when it comes to our pets.

When it’s all said and done, our pets are the ones who really take care of us. They remind us that if we practice being present we can find stillness enjoy and a quiet moment.

If you loved reading about the different ways to incorporate your best furry friend into your peripheral, check out our pillowcases.