Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me?

The cute furry friends we share our homes with have odd and quirky habits that always seem puzzling. But because dogs can’t talk to us in our language, it’s up to us to figure out what these weird behaviors mean. When a dog wags his tail, it means he’s happy. When he places his tail between his legs, then he’s scared or something is wrong. But what does it mean when the dog stands over you?

Dog Standing Over Person

Does your dog try to stand over you when sitting on a couch or lying down? Do you wish to understand his motive? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

In this article, we answer the question of why does my dog stand over me with several reasons, each with an explanation.

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Why Dogs Stand Over Their Owners

Perhaps the root of this behavior is dominance. Humans have domesticated dogs for centuries. However, it seems some of their primal instincts are still active. Dogs tend to show dominance like their fellow wild-cousins like foxes, wolves, and coyotes.

It’s common for all breeds of dogs to show this odd behavior. But it’s more common in other breeds than others, especially Boerboel, Siberian Husky, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, and Rottweiler. So, when your pooch tries to stand over you, he’s trying to establish himself as the Alpha.

Just like their wild counterparts, domesticated canines will try to establish dominance over the human pack (members of the household) and over other animal packs (other pets in the house).

In wild animals, a show of dominance can get accompanied by a display of aggression of fixed stare along with tense posture. But in domestic dogs, this behavior might not be a sign of dominance since most canines have no specific idea of hierarchy or who’s the boss in the house. If you’re comfortable with your dog standing over you, then there’s nothing to worry about.

However, it’s not ideal behavior. If your pooch is large and drooly, you might find this habit annoying. Therefore, you might have to train him and set rules. 

Below are other reasons small dogs and some older canines stand over their owners.

He Feels Insecure

Your dog might stand over you when he feels insecure about the environment or himself. By standing over you, he can clearly read your facial expressions to get reassurance from you. If your expression shows courage, then the canine will feel confident. If your face shows fear, he will get scared and try to hide.

Another explanation is your dog was feeling lonely. This is true, especially if you had left the house earlier. Your dog standing over you shows he might have separation anxiety issues. If this is the case, consult a behavioral specialist who will train the dog to depend less on you.

The Dog Wishes to Cuddle

Yes! Dogs love to get cuddled, too. Certain breeds love cuddles than others. So, if you have a cuddler, there’s a high chance that he might try to stand over you to determine a good sleeping arrangement. Or maybe he’s waiting to see if you’re settling in for a while.

A dog might also want to get cuddled because he misses you, feels cold, or simply wants to rest on your feet, chest or any other body part.

A Sign of Trust and Love

When a dog forms a bond with a human, it means he loves and trusts that individual. Besides tail wagging and a sweet smile, your pooch can show affection towards you by standing over you. Most times, he will try to kiss you as an expression of his love for you. The more he kisses you, the more his body will produce oxytocin and endorphins. These are the hormones associated with forming trust and alleviating anxiety and stress.

He Does Not Feel Great

When a dog is not in a good mood, he might get clingy. He might be suffering from separation anxiety, sick or feeling anxious, and wants comfort from you. 

Most dogs will want affection and connection when they’re feeling under the weather or recovering from injury or illness. By cuddling your dog, you can cheer him up and make him feel better.

If your dog looks sad with falling ears and dull fur, chances are he’s depressed or sick. So, if he comes and stands over you just know he desires comfort from his best friend. Step up and cuddle your pooch.

You Dont Feel Great

Just like you can sense that your dog isn’t feeling well, your canine can also sense when you’re under the weather. When you’re sick or depressed, your dog can hover around you and even stand on your feet to comfort you.

Canines can pick on cues that something is wrong with you. He might come in front of you and try to figure out what’s wrong. Dogs can also sense that changes in their owners’ body and brain, like increase blood pressure and temperature.

Basically, dogs are our guardian angels, and in many instances, dogs have saved their owners’ life. A dog can even sense pregnancy, even before the woman knows herself.

If you’re looking gloomy, rest assured your dog will get stressed and anxious while trying to comfort you. The anxiousness will prevent the canine from lying down. He will hover around and stand on your feet as a way of looking out for you.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons why a dog can stand over his owner. Whether he’s being clingy, playful, feeling moody, or trying to establish dominance, a canine standing over you should not worry you so much.

However, when the habit is sudden and continuous, you better stop by the vet to get your dog examined. Maybe he’s suffering from a serious condition that needs urgent attention. And if you find the behavior annoying, consider training your dogs and establishing clear rules.

Keep in mind dog breeds vary, and each has different behaviors. Check out with a behavioral specialist to understand the meaning behind certain habits of your dog and know how to address them.

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