Why Does My Dog Put His Butt on Me?

Men and dogs share a bond as old as time. Dogs are called man’s best friend because of how loyal and sincere they are. They’re very loving towards their owners and have many other remarkable qualities like playfulness and protectiveness.

dog resting butt on leg

However, they may not express these qualities in ways that humans can understand or relate to. As a result, dog parents are often confused by many things their pawed child does. One example of this is dogs resting their butts on their humans. 

It’s very common for dogs to do this. While this may come off as weird to owners, planting their butts on someone is a very generous compliment for dogs. So if you’re wondering why your dog is putting his butt on you, keep reading! 

  • They Are Greeting You

Dogs are creatures who behave and socialize in ways very different from ours. For example, have you ever noticed how dogs sniff each other’s butts whenever they meet? That’s how they greet each other and learn almost everything about their new furry friend. 

The logic behind it lies in your dog’s hind. Dogs have anal glands which produce a particular smell. This smell conveys a lot of information, including what food your dog eats, age, gender, health, how much it exercises, stress levels, and so much more. So just a whiff or two of this smell can create a bond between fellow doggies.

Since showing and sniffing butts is considered natural and pleasant, dogs assume the same greeting works in the human world. Sadly, human noses are not as competent. So, we can’t smell whatever our dog expects us to, and we can’t get any information about him either. 

This doesn’t stop dogs, though! They’ll still put their butt on you, but don’t worry. A dog showing you his backside is a good sign. It means he wants to communicate with you and is trying to befriend you!

  • They Trust You

By revealing his butt, a dog makes himself quite vulnerable. This action means he’s quite literally presenting himself to you. By wanting you to know more about him, your furball is saying that he trusts you with himself.

However, it’s not just about getting to know each other. Dogs are predator animals. In their world, teeth are a weapon, and showing them is a sign of aggression and combat. If you think about it, a dog’s teeth are the farthest from you when he’s showing you his butt. 

By keeping his teeth away from you, your dog’s making himself vulnerable in your presence. This is his way of saying that he trusts you and feels safe in your presence. He expects you to have his back.

  • They Claim You

There is another set of glands present in a dog’s backside that drives their actions. Dogs have scent glands present under their tails, which release large quantities of pheromones. So when your fur baby sits on you or rubs his butt on you, he is actually transferring the scent of his pheromones onto you. This is his way of making a claim on you.

Even though humans cannot smell these pheromones, they can grow to appreciate what they symbolize. Think of them as little love notes from your furry buddy. By sitting or rubbing on you, your dog is accepting you and affirming you as a part of his family.

This claim is not a secret between you and your pup, though. Other canines can detect these pheromones on your body by smelling you. So, by marking you as his, not only is your dog letting you know he loves you, but he’s sending off a message to other dogs too.

  • They Want to Protect You

Have you ever noticed your dog facing away from you as you eat or relax? This is your puppy’s way of guarding you. 

In the wild, dogs travel with their packs. They fight together and watch out for each other. In addition, they sleep with their backs to each other, so they aren’t as vulnerable to predators. Although this is a behavior needed in the wild, domesticated dogs show protectiveness in the same way.

By having his butt face you as you eat or relax, your dog is trying to keep you safe and protect you from possible threats. In addition, he is looking out for you when your ‘guard is down.' This protectiveness is an act of love and further affirmation that your dog considers you a part of his family or pack.

  • They Want Scratches from You

Your dog’s need for adoration could also be making him expose his butt to you. Essentially, your do is asking for your attention. 

It could also be a sign that they need your help. There are areas in a dog’s backside that might be difficult for them to scratch on their own. Your dog may need a helping hand from you to relieve his itch.

However, if you feel your dog’s demands for butt scratches are getting excessive, you might want to check your pup for fleas. Dogs infected with fleas have a localized itchy sensation on their backs, just above the base of their tails. So if you think your dog has fleas, your priority should be getting rid of the pests.

Even if there are no fleas, your dog will still appreciate you scratching the unreachable and itchy area near their butt.

Which Dogs Generally Put Their Butt On People More?

Dogs of all sizes and breeds show affection and protectiveness by showing and rubbing their butts on humans. They are all equally likely to display affection through their backside.

Final Thoughts

Your dog putting his butt on you is something you should be happy about! It is their way of showing they love you. This behavior is how dogs try to communicate with you, initiate new friendships, show their trust, mark their claim, protect and ask for scratches in tricky spots.

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