Why Does My Dog Lay On My Clothes?

You are getting ready to do the laundry, only to find your dog lying on your dirty clothes. The laundry basket pile has become their favorite place to sleep on. This is something many pet owners are worried about. Some may be used to the dogs sneaking away with a shirt or two. When that becomes a day-to-day habit, it can make you feel a little bit on edge. But, there is nothing to worry about. Here is why your dog likes to lay on your things. 

Why Does My Dog Like My Dirty Laundry?

From time to time, you will find your dog picking the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room rather than sleeping in its own bed. So, you can't help but wonder, "why does my dog lay on my clothes." Your canine companion most likely likes the way you smell. To them, there is nothing more comforting than sleeping in your pile of dirty clothes. 

dog laying in clothes

The scent gives off a comforting aura. It makes them feel at ease. Your clothes may be dirty to you but are warm and cozy for them. Plus, they are a nice spot for a shuteye. The clothes are like a cushion with an extra layer of softness and security. Most of the time, this behavior occurs when you are not at home. 

Then, there is separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a relatively common problem affecting up to half of dogs who visit a behavioral specialist. When the owner leaves, the affected animal experiences emotional distress. 

They are afraid of losing you, which is why they will want to get as closer to you as possible. Although the anxiety-related behaviors won’t always turn into full-blown separation anxiety, it’s important to check with a vet to see how your pet is doing. 

Since the dog wants to be with you 24/7, your clothes are here to give them that safety and reassurance. To your canine companion, you are like a papa or momma. That’s why they tend to overreact if another dog has already claimed your smell. 

Why Does My Dog Lay On My Pants?

A dog’s nose has many more olfactory receptors than humans. A dog’s odor detection capacity is up to 100,000 times that of the average human. Their heightened senses give them the ability to detect peculiar odors. The scent is thickest on the dirty pants, towels, and sheets, which is why pets gravitate to them. 

Some dogs also prefer sleeping on their owner's shoes. Not just because of the scent, but to keep them from leaving the house. In other words, dogs can display multiple behaviors linked with intelligence, like a little mastermind plotting to keep you all to themselves. 

My Dog Is Obsessed With My Clothes – Should I Be Worried?

It depends on what they do with the clothes they take. If a dog simply steals the clothing to rest in it, then it is not a big problem to let them relax for a while. As a matter of fact, many owners give their clothes to the dogs on purpose to help them feel more secure, especially when they go to work or are out traveling. 

But, if the dog steals the clothes only to tear them apart, then it’s important to discourage this kind of destructive habit. Fixing instinctual behavior can be a hefty ordeal. Therefore, a lot of owners choose the easiest method with the least resistance. They keep the clothes out of reach. 

Of course, dogs, mainly large breeds, can reach high places with ease, like a Dalmatian, for example. They can be stubborn, manipulative, and difficult to train. A Weimaraner is pretty challenging to train as well, given their high intelligence and strong will. They will find a way to get what they want. The trick is to avoid chasing the dog while it's doing it. This type of behavior can encourage them to keep stealing the clothes. 

Intimidation and yelling are also not good ideas. It can damage the relationship and promote stubbornness. Rather, offer to play with the dog or give them a treat in exchange for giving you the clothes. Incentives encourage positive behavior and long-term results. 

Why Does My Dog Lay in My Spot on the Bed?

Your bed smells like you, while theirs doesn’t. They cling to that smell because it makes them feel closer to you. Just like a baby, they like to spend time in familiar surroundings – anything that provides comfort, safety, and reassurance. Your scent is powerful and often linked with happy memories. 

To get the pet to sleep in the dog bed, some people put a couple of their dirty clothes in the dog bed. It’s a good idea to refrain from leaving a pile of dirty clothes across the room. Then, the dog can be attracted to their new cozy sleeping area. 

To create a full-proof bedtime method, pick a command for bedtime. Choose the ultimate resting place for the bed. Think of where your pet likes to sleep the most. If it feels comfy in your bedroom, place the dog bed there. When it's time to sleep, take the dog and walk them to the bed. Don't carry them since they will expect you to do that every time they go to sleep.

After the dog sleeps in the bed the entire night, give them a treat. Anytime you see the dog is getting drowsy, walk them to the dog bed. Give them a treat when they are on the bed and issue the command. With consistency and dedication, your dog will learn to use the dog bed. 

Final Thoughts

The scent is the most potent tool dogs use to feel secure, comfortable, and at ease. For you, it may seem like a nuisance because they are constantly covering the clothes in their hair. But, the dogs do it out of love. If you like to help your dog to avoid this kind of behavior, you can redirect their focus elsewhere. In time, you can ease their anxiety and stress, particularly if the dog is afraid of spending time in a new place. With a little playtime and some treats, you can show your canine friend that they are home, regardless of where they sleep.

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