Virgo Star Sign 101: Strengths, Weaknesses, Compatibility, Luck

For those born between 23rd August and 22nd September, their horoscope sign - also known as their star sign - is Virgo. In this article we explore everything you need to know if your birthday falls between those two dates, from the simple to the more bizarre.

Virgo symbol and star sign

Before we get into who you are as a person and what separates a Virgo from the other star signs, first a little more about the astrological prominence of a Virgo.

What makes a Virgo?

When the sun transits the Virgo space of the astrological universe, those born between the dates are considered to be born of the Virgo star sign. During this month long period, Virgo is brought to life for astrologers, with the bright blue-white star of Virgo - Spica - fairly easy to locate and see.

Virgo is characterised by a virgin or an angel, and in Greek mythology was usually depicted as the Goddess of Justice - giving you some clues as to the personality traits of a Virgo-born individual. When it comes to understanding the spirit animals for a Virgo, there are a range of options - some covering all Virgos while others are exclusively matched to Virgo men and Virgo women as individual groups. To create a spiritual animal match, individuals pick out identifying characteristics of themselves and of independent creatures, tapping into the specific traits which fall under their star sign.

For Virgo men, the Vulture is considered a primary spirit animal because of their willingness to get their hands dirty and detach themselves emotionally from the more emotional tasks. This practical mindset enables Virgo men to pursue some manual and important careers and job roles in their lifetime - something we will explore later in this article. 

For Virgo women, the cat epitomises many of their characteristic traits as a symbol of independence and elegance, paired with the self-sufficiency that allows Virgo women to be just as satisfied in their own company as with a romantic companion. 

Other spirit animals we tend to associate with Virgos include:

  • Koalas - kind, tranquil, easy going, and amenable 
  • Camels - prepared, long term worriers
  • Deer - the creature representation of the Virgo’s sign: the virgin/angel

As you will have noticed, with so many different traits characterising a Virgo individual, having a single spirit animal is near impossible. Rather, those who were born between the August and September dates tend to land on a spirit animal which most closely represents their true self. 

Virgo Personality Traits: As a Friend

Virgo’s are considered great friends to those around them for a number of reasons, starting with their reliability and their ability to lend a hand and get stuck into a task for the benefit of others as much as for themselves. If you are a Virgo man, you are practical and smart, and tend to expect perfection for and from yourself, though you do not respond well when others let you down. As a Virgo woman, you are trusted as someone who can listen to and keep secrets for others, with a rich inner life and lots of focus channelled into helping and spending time with as many of your immediate contacts as you can. 

Virgos are, in a large group of friends, the voice of reason with clarity - able to analyse a situation and bring new ideas and levels of organisation to the table. This makes them beneficial as friends, however it also means that when someone else proposes something which goes against the Virgo focus on perfection, their ability to create harmony can be tested and can lead to fallouts. 

In a friendship situation, a Virgo will often find it hard to let go of the past and of past annoyances and simply embrace and move on with the future. They are, however, intensely loyal and will do what they can to protect and insulate their close circle of friends - even if that means turning down other social events outside of their immediate group, or removing themselves from some friendships which they don’t believe to be reliable. 

Virgo Personality Traits: Romantic Connections 

While Virgo’s may be seen as shy when you first meet them, they fall under one of the most passionate signs and specialise in connecting physically with their romantic partner and letting all their walls down in the bedroom. One of the greatest traits of both Virgo men and Virgo women is their ability to find beauty and create harmony in even the most disjointed of elements - bringing themselves together with those who might otherwise be considered perfect opposites. 

However, it’s not all roses and sunshine. As with every individual and every star sign, Virgo’s present their own challenges in relationships, with a strong tendency to worry and overreact sometimes pushing others away. When a Virgo feels imbalanced within themselves, they can start to take more notice of the inefficiencies and imperfections of those around them, and this causes more stress and pushes the expectations of relationships often beyond breaking point. 

Naturally self-critical and highly self-aware, it is not uncommon for Virgos to fall foul of self-doubt and buckle under the criticism and pressure of others - which again can put undue pressure on romantic connections. 

Virgos are especially compatible with those star signs which they can balance against and compliment. These are:

  • Taurus - good listeners who love deeply and care about others
  • Scorpio - juxtaposing levels of confidence which compliment each other 
  • Capricorn - sharing similar traits of stability and logic

Virgo Careers and Job Prospects

Virgos are incredibly hard-working and when it comes to the workplace, this is seen as a huge asset to employers and those working around them. They are just as good at prioritising downtime as they are focussing on the importance of socialising and spending time with others, and this adds to the sense of balance that they strive to achieve at work and in their personal life. 

At work in particular, a Virgo is best suited to a job role where they have a chance and opportunity to develop themselves and the internal or external processes of the business or company, with regularity and consistency both areas that a Virgo values at work. 

With a naturally critical mind that strives for and seeks perfection, Virgos make great teachers and professional critics as their natural mindset enables them to uncover imperfection, organise change, and facilitate improvement. Virgos also boast powerful mental energy and have many practical talents - as accomplished makers and crafters who love to get things right and who relish the opportunity to learn new things and develop themselves further. 

Other ideal jobs and dream careers for Virgos include:

  • College professor - learning, teaching, and inspiring
  • Museum Curator - interacting and learning through art
  • IT Technician - using information and analytical data to improve systems and efficiencies
  • Designer - eye for detail and a love of expressing design flair

TOP TIP: If you work with / for a Virgo, being polite, spellchecking emails, reading, and developing yourself through conversation, and taking ownership of your own tasks are all things you can do to impress your boss and build a productive working relationship. 

Lifestyle and Home Life 

A Virgo needs regular doses of Vitamin D as one of the Earth signs and tends to find that walking outside can help to calm them down and keep them grounded in difficult situations. An intensely good, reliable, and loyal friend, Virgos are picky about who they consider to be friends and so they have a less-is-more attitude to socialising - often choosing downtime over going out. You will also find, as a Virgo, that entering a new romantic relationships changes your priorities - with your investment in the romantic connection overpowering your need to attend larger group events. 

Tapping into the characteristic strive for perfection possessed by Virgos, you are picky when it comes to food and often find that if you fancy or describe a certain dish, you are not satisfied until you are served that exact meal. Likewise, as a Virgo you might feel like you are constantly focussed on the needs of others but do not receive the same level of attention yourself - whether that be advice, a shoulder to cry on, or simply someone who will listen.  

Finally, as a Virgo who is focussed on perfection, you are of course very conscious of physical appearance and aesthetic, and channel as much energy into your own health and the way you present yourself as you do focus on work and other practical endeavours. You know what real beauty looks like and consider it to be a sustainable form of perfection, enabling you to understand the interrelation of health and the environment, and present actions which support the environment and thus aid your own natural health. 

Virgo Men

Virgo men possess a perfect balance of traits and skills which mean that they have been set up for success from a very early age. Strong and capable, Virgos tend to suit names and lifestyles which support their strive for excellence - with Virgo men always believing that perfection is possible and that they are capable of doing better. 

Virgo Women

Virgo women are practical and fiercely kind and loyal, channelling energy and focus into beauty and perfection across every area of their life. A Virgo woman is a problem solver by nature and will do what she can to protect and support those around her, both in her personal life and in the workplace. 


Whether or not you believe in the art of spirituality and what it means to lead a spiritual life, Virgo men and Virgo women are born with a sense of the world and universe offering something more than what they can see. While different individual follow this through in different ways, every Virgo possesses a sense of the world being bigger than the limitations presented by science. This doesn’t mean that Virgos are not very practical and analytical - it simply means that they are able to see the bigger picture in every area of life and can often draw connections between life events and the overall meaning of life and their quest for success and satisfaction. 

As Virgos struggle with letting go of imperfection and moving on from past discrepancies, it is always advised that a Virgo puts time into trying to develop their own sense of self - practising the art of living more spontaneously and forgiving others more quickly for small mishaps. 

Virgo Facts

Favourite season: Autumn. Virgos are born between late August and early September and so lover the freshness in the air at the start of the Autumn season. This time of the year is also associated with the start of a new school year and new opportunities for learning - which Virgos love. On the other hand, Summer and Winter are both times of the year that Virgos do not enjoy, with Summer making practical work lethargic and Winter meaning that they are stuck inside.   

Best holidays: new cultures, experiences, and opportunities to visit new places. Virgos find the opportunity to learn particularly exciting. 

Favourite colour: White is the colour epitomised by the Virgo sense of perfection, harmony, and clarity. Equally a Virgo will also enjoy and revel in green shades, red, and brown - all earthy tones which become an anchor to the planet we live on. 

Best gifts: anything focussed on presentation, such as flowers.

Are you a Virgo yourself, working with a Virgo or dating a Virgo? This comprehensive guide not only gives you an insight into the mind of a Virgo but also covers some of those crucial do’s and don’ts for spending time with Virgo.