Blue Steel Panda German Shepherd [Gallery] Price, Grooming, Training

The Steel Blue Panda is arguably the most visually striking of the German Shepherd breed. They have a characteristic greyish-blue coat which gives them their ‘Steel Blue’ name. In addition to their steel blue coat, their eyes can match tooThey stand out from the traditional brown/black coloring that is synonymous with the breed.

Blue Steel German Shepherd
  1. Temperament
  2. Training
  3. Shedding
  4. Grooming
  5. Price
  6. Health Issues

1) Temperament

Steel Blue German Shepherds are just as friendly, intelligent and bold as their standard German Shepherd counterparts. They are very loyal to their trusted humans, but wary of strangers until they have been properly introduced. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train, although they can be strong-willed at times which can make them a bit stubborn.

2) Training

In general, they are a very intelligent breed of dog and are easy to train. However, stubbornness can be an issue if you do not display a no-nonsense approach to training. So keep it simple, firm, kind and consistent with all your pups. They really love praise so adding some tasty snacks will definitely help get you get more success during training sessions.

German Shepherd's intelligence makes it easier to train them. Still, they need consistent training when they're young, so they understand their boundaries, especially with the protective behaviour because you don't want them to harm anyone or anything without your consent. Inconsistent training can lead them to think they're in charge. It's best to be firm right from the get-go so their dominant behaviour is kept under control.

Another dimension to having a smart dog is that you'll need to keep them busy. If you don't, their intelligence will go towards bad things like digging holes in the yard, chewing through things like your favourite shoes or your favourite pair of boots. They're very curious dogs and will get into almost anything they think will be fun to chew on. Keeping them busy with training, walks, or playtime can help curb that behaviour because it gives their minds something else to focus on instead.

Three German Shepherd Puppies

Puppies, as you know all too well can be a little accident prone during house training so take your time and keep on top of it. They respond best to positive reinforcement rather than punishment so consider using some dog pee-pee pads indoors for the first few weeks just until they become more confident and reliable about house training outside.

The Steel Blue Panda German Shepherd loves to explore so give them lots of new toys to interact with and things to use their intelligence. These pups also love a good tug-of-war, but be careful – they tend to win!

3) Do They Shed

German Shepherd owners know about shedding all to well and it is the same with the Steel Blue Panda variety. They have an internal coat of fine hair with an external layer of more coarse hare. Each year in fall and spring they shed their undercoat so expect additional grooming seasons during these times of yeat. Additionally you will find their fur has an uncanny ability to get everywhere, under the sofa, behind the television and even in your shoes!

4) Grooming

Steel Blue Panda German Shepherds normally love being brushed on their back. You will also need to brush the back of your dog's legs, his stomach and his chest to avoid getting mats in their fur. You should take care that you do not brush over any tangles which you can feel and if they are too bad then cut them out with scissors rather than tugging on them with a brush. For their feet, only use a soft brush or a piece of cloth as it is easy to injure their foot pads.

If you see your steel blue panda german shepherds eye's are clogged with dirt, then take a clean damp cloth and gently rub them clean.

While cleaning your dog's teeth, make sure that you are gentle with their gums and mouth area as they are rather sensitive. If you have any problems brushing your pups' teeth then talk to your veterinarian as they will know what products you can use that will be safe for your dog.

You should also check their nails as the Steel Blue Panda GSD tends to go through a lot of physical exercise and as such, they do grow very quickly which could result in overgrowth if not properly cut. If your pup seems uncomfortable or is limping then you should see a veterinarian as it could be due to overgrown nails.

When grooming your dog, if you find that he starts itching and licking himself more than normal then his skin may be irritated. If this occurs, call your vet immediately because the irritation might be the sign of an allergy or parasite problem.

5) Blue Steel Panda German Shepherd Price

The rarity of the Blue Steel Panda German Shepherd increases their price. While you may be able to get a standard German Shepherd for $500-2,000, the Blue Steel Panda variety will set you back anywhere from $3,000-10,000. This is due to the combination of their rareness, their beauty, and demand. Because of this high price tag it is advisable to contact your local German Shepherd rescue in order to find a Blue Steel Panda pup that needs a good home if possible.

Blue steel panda shepherd breeders are not always reputable which means that you need to be cautious when buying your pup and do your research on them. Not all breeders are out for just the money and there are many that do in fact care about their dogs. Reputable German Shepherd breeders can often offer you advice on how to train, what food is best suited for, feeding schedules (puppy/adult) and much more.

A reputable German Shepherd breeder will be involved with the community and their breed, they will also be very active in the local German Shepherd club – so keep an eye out for them at any events and activities. They should ask you questions about your life and not just demand to know what type of home you have and whether you have children or not.

A good German Shepherd breeder will take back any puppies they have bred, even if you are no longer interested in keeping them; this shows that the breeders genuinely care about their dogs and their new owners - so please keep this in mind when buying a pup from a breeder. A good breeder should be happy to have you as a potential customer and be available for advice even after the sale has been made.

The worst case scenario is that the puppy you buy has health problems which its original owner did not inform you about; in this case, it can be difficult to legally do anything about it.

6) Health Issues

While the German Shepherd breed is not as prone to health issues as some breeds, they do have a few that need to be mentioned.

They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia which is common in large breeds, but can also suffer from seizures, eye problems such as cataracts and retina degeneration, blood-clotting diseases, bloat, and cancer.

The most common health issue that GSDs suffer from are allergies which can range from being mildly irritating to life threatening. Some are just allergic to certain types of food or grasses but there are some that have multiple allergies at once. The best way to help your pup is to check in with your vet if your pup displays any allergic symptoms.

If they don't get enough exercise, it can lead to weight gain and be detrimental to their health. They're very energetic dogs, so you can take them on walks as long as the weather permits because they love the outdoors. You can also take them out to play fetch or Frisbee since they are brilliant dogs.

You can also try agility training if your dog's interested in that sort of thing. It might sound like a lot of work, but it will be good for them, so they stay happy and healthy.

As with any breed, you should always ask the breeder about the health of their parents and grandparents to ensure that they do not suffer from any hereditary diseases. If you notice that your dog is behaving oddly then it may be a sign of health problems and you should take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

You should also be aware of all the symptoms and what could potentially cause them; this means keeping a journal of your dog's daily activities and taking note of the following:

-If they are each time more tired than usual or breathing heavily

-If there is a change in their stool or if they lose weight suddenly

-If they are limping or avoiding certain movements

-If their fur is dryer than usual, if it falls out easily, or if its full of dandruff

Size 20-40 Inches
Weight 70-100 Pounds
Lifespan 10-15 Years

As with all Germans Shepherd varieties, they can make great pets when properly cared for. Do no get one if you are not ready for the responsibility that it takes to look after this breed. They are loving, caring and kind but do take hours each week to walk, train and groom, there are costs due to vet bills, equipments and food too.

The Steel Blue Panda German Shepherd is one of the most unusual and unique looking breeds that you'll ever come across. We now know that it is known for its stunning steel blue coat, dark eyes and ears, and white markings on its chest. It looks like a designer dog, part panda, part wolf, and all awesome.If you give them the respect they deserve you will be their best friend and that is truly something to cherish from this remarkable animal.