Custom Rabbit Tote Bag

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A custom rabbit tote bag means your best friend will always be by your side. Made with 100% organic certified cotton your tote will both look and feel amazing while being incredibly practical. Never be alone again or leave your partner in crime behind. The roomy interior can hold enough for your daily essentials plus more! It also features an easy slip-over design, allowing you to place it over the shoulder and go hands-free in seconds flat.

All in all, it's a great gift for the rabbit lover you know. Moreover, when it comes to spring and summer, being prepared for anything always helps and our rabbit custom tote bag can be used as an everyday essential during picnics, mall visits or long walks in the park. All orders are custom made according to your specifications and will be dispatched shortly after being illustrated.

  • Weight limit 13.5kg

Step 1: Take A Photo Of Your Rabbit
Choose your rabbit photo from your camera roll and send it across. If you're unsure, upload a few and your artist will pick the one they think will produce the best result for you!

Step 2: Make It Personal
Let our design team know if you'd like to add a name or any other personalisation to your design. If you love a particular feature your rabbit has, let us know in the order notes and your artist will take note.

Step 3: Quality Checking
Your custom rabbit tote bag will be checked by three separate members of staff to ensure your artist has created a piece you will love. Our Paaw review process is strict and we only move to production when it has passed all of our internal checks. We ship locally from the US, Australia, UK and a few other locations in Europe to ensure delivery is as speedy as possible.

Step 4: We Ship Your Rabbit Tote Bag
Your finished piece will be delivered to your doorstep and a member of our team will be in touch to ensure you're happy!