Custom Magic Mug | Color Changing | Impersonate Me

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Magic, no magician required. Our magic mugs change color with temperature to reveal your beautiful image below. Supercharge your coffee break by spending it with a friendly face or message that makes you happy. When you're done, your image will go back into hiding, waiting to come out and join you on the next one. Our Magic Mug will be sure to receive compliments from friends and co-workers! You can add pet or human faces to your mug + names too.

Every store has a shelf of coffee mugs, but they boring. You need to stand out from the crowd! With these personalized magic mugs you can create one that is uniquely yours. All you have to do is upload a photo and we can handle the rest.

There are many reasons why people buy our custom magic mugs. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • You want a personalized product that isn’t found in your average shop
  • You don’t like buying mass-produced items and would rather something that is handmade and unique
  • You want to make someone you care about feel special by giving them a personalised gift 

Whether you have cat, dog, hamster or racoon, we love pets and our artists hand draw each one to create an image you will love!

  1. Choose your favourite picture.
  2. Our team of artists will create a sketch.
  3. We create your mug and deliver to your doorstep.

Each mug is 11oz. made with a high-gloss finish. Our printing process adds a super high-quality vibrant image with detail that lasts.

Perfect for when you need a little company in the office or are looking to surprise the family.