5 Reasons You Should Get Custom Pet Portraits

August 26, 2021 11 min read

Did you know that pet owners in the USA spend, on average, $111 per month on each pet? It's no surprise, then, that pet owners find receiving personalized gifts with their pets on them such a beautiful gift to receive.

three custom pet portraits

There are more options for pet portraits than you might think! But how can you justify a day spent photographing a dog that doesn't want to co-operate? Or what happens if you're unsure whether your boss will appreciate a photo of their pug on a mug?  

So, in this article, we'll break down five reasons you should get custom pet portraits. Along with this, we're going to include some top tips. These tips will put your mind at ease in making sure it's the right decision for your requirements.

1. Custom Pet Portraits Expand Your Gifting Options

Custom pet portraits are more than the computers or canvases where they live. These images are transferable onto several other objects that could give you the edge over providing an image.

The advantage of this flexibility is that you can "tone down" the gift for a smaller item if it's not someone with whom you're close. Or, you can turn it from a picture on a wall into a tactile item that will get used for hours a day.

Whatever your choice, there's plenty of options. And, these all come with a variety of price tags so that you can specialize with your selections. Here are some gifts you can print your pet portraits onto: 

Custom Pet Blankets

Getting your pet's portrait onto a custom pet blanket looks adorable. Great for winter months, and even better when paired with a matching pillowcase. You'll know you can always snuggle up to your pet, even when they're not there.

And, since custom blankets have become such popular items in recent years, you don't need to worry about finding one at any store near you. Many online retailers offer them as well. Some sites like Etsy also allow you to create your designs.

Custom Pet Pillowcases

Pillows aren't only used for sleeping anymore! They make great gifts too. If you want something unique, consider getting your pet's portrait embroidered onto a custom pet pillowcase. It makes a wonderful keepsake for anyone who has pets.

You can find these custom pet pillowcases online through various websites, but be sure to check out their return policies before purchasing. Many companies wouldn't accept returns after 30 days unless the product shows damage from the shipping process. 

Custom Pet Mugs

Mugs are the ultimate office gift. Whether you use yours every morning or now and then, a pet's face means your recipient will never forget. Plus, custom pet mugs are easy to personalize. 

If you'd rather keep things simple, then go ahead and pick up a generic mug instead. But, if you want to show off how much you care, opt for a personalized mug that features your pet's photo. This way, there's always a lasting memory in hand.

Custom Pet Tote Bags

Custom pet tote bags have been around for many years. But more recently, they've started to take off in popularity. That's come down to the clampdown on plastic wastage across the world.

There are several ways to customize your custom pet tote bag. For example, you can opt for a canvas-style bag to write messages straight onto the fabric. Or, you can select a vinyl option that lets you put your message right on the outside.

They make great presents because they're reusable, durable, and easy to personalize. Plus, they look cute! Either way, you can change with ease the color scheme to match whatever season it is.

Tips for Buying Custom Pet Merchandise

As you can see, these varying types of merchandise expand your options. It's important to note who you're buying the gift for and the reasons behind it.

If it's a birthday present, a tote bag could prove useful. But if it's a special birthday like a 40th, you might prefer to choose a painted canvas.

Consider the person you're buying for as well as the occasion. A personalized mug might be great for a work colleague to use in the office. Yet, at home, it might end up at the back of a cupboard never used again.

2. Custom Pet Portraits are Perfect "Emotive" Gifts

We all have friends who are quite happy with the simple life or have everything they need. These friends love nothing more than a hand-made gift or the opportunity for a new experience. 

Here's how they are the perfect gift for both the giver and receiver:

Perfect Gift if You Aren't a Creative Person

If you're not creative enough to make your gifts for people, your options to impress are a gift card or money. Some people will appreciate money more than anything else.

But even so, it can feel a little underwhelming as the loved one giving the gift. After all, we are often told, "it's the thought that counts." 

That's where custom pet portraits are perfect for this. Chances are, the person you're buying for knows you aren't creative. But they know you're a kind, thoughtful person who loves to impress.

And, if they don't have many pictures of their pets at the moment, the chances are that if they aren't creative as well. In which case, your loved ones appreciate steps taken into sourcing a custom pet portrait. They'll appreciate the effort that's gone into making their gift extra-special.

Perfect Gift for Non-Materialistic People

Non-materialistic people are some of the hardest people to give a gift to. Either they have enough money to replace household items as and when. Or, they likely enjoy living a simple life. 

It all comes down to the emotion behind visual art. In most cases, people of a non-materialistic nature are self-fulfilled.

These people have accepted they only want what they need, and objects don't always bring happiness. They thrive off emotional experiences rather than obtaining possessions. 

And, you can often tell if someone is materialistic by their reaction. When presented with an item such as this one, these people are genuine and grateful.

If you know they're a pet lover, a picture of their pet will always go down well. And, a picture lasts a lifetime.

Tips for Emotive Gifting

If you're going down this route and gifting a custom pet portrait, then you're options are vast. There are several ways you can go about it:

Gift an Experience Voucher

First of all, you can gift an experience voucher to get the portraits done. But that might feel to you the same as any other gift voucher.

So what might be best is to collaborate on arranging a time and date and take your loved one out for the day (or join them if it's in their own home) as part of the experience. That way, you'll get to spend quality time together as well as a shared experience of the gift.

Pre-Booked Surprise

Like above, only making sure that everyone can commit. If you want to make it a surprise, you can always involve others to help with the organization and planning, such as creating a less-exciting decoy to keep the date free.

Create It Yourself

If you're artistic yourself, you can always create your custom pet portrait. Chances are it won't look as good as an all-professional version.

But if you're on a budget and you're able to create, then it's worth considering. Plus, you could always turn it into a comedy gift if your friends and family share your sense of humor!

3. Custom Pet Portraits Are the Perfect Commemorative Gift

Portraits are a great way to remember your pet, whether it's for yourself or a loved one. A lot of times, we forget how much our lives change over time. We move away from those closest to us and sometimes even lose touch altogether.

Whether you're long-distance or live around the corner, a custom pet portrait is a perfect way to celebrate the life of a lost pet.

It allows you to commemorate precious moments respectfully. Thus they'll provide lasting memories for years to come.

And, remember you don't have to wait for a gift from a loved one if it's your grief. Many artists and companies will take your favorite memory. From there, they'll transform it into something special for you to hang in your house with pride.

Tips for Respectful Portrait Gifting

The best way to replicate a memory is to go through your old photos and find your favorite picture of your pet. But suppose you find you haven't got any favorites, or the best picture is blurry. Then a talented artist can take your photos and replicate an event at your specific request.

Here are some other pointers to consider when choosing a portrait to remember a beloved pet:

What Emotion Are You Trying to Convey?

Most people find contented pets the most enjoyable to visualize. Yet, there's nothing wrong with having a sad-looking dog or cat.

It shows that they've been through tough experiences and survived. The key thing here is to ensure that the photo looks like your pet was enjoying themselves.

Consider Your Budget

If it's for yourself, a large portrait might be appealing. But suppose you have any intentions of redecorating or moving home.

You may find you're stuck with nowhere to put it next time! If in doubt, order on the small side gives more flexibility locating the image and is cheaper.

Think About What You Want to Say

When thinking about what message you'd like to convey, remember that you might need to include details about your pet's breed, age, or gender.

Also, think about whether you would prefer them to remain anonymous or add their name. Some owners want to keep their pet's identity private, while others feel that everyone should know about their pet. 

4. Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Are you or a loved one moving into a new house? At first, it can look bland and uninviting. Especially in those first few weeks while you put your stamp on it.
So that's where custom pet portraits come into play. You can pick a picture that would sum up the room the portrait will live in totally.

Or it might be that you love the idea of adding a little character to your living space. Either way, these images make a statement without costing too much money. And once you get used to seeing them around every day, you'll never notice them again.

If you're going down the photoshoot route, you could also choose a different style altogether. It might be that you'd rather see your pet dressed up in formal attire or another comedic costume idea.

Whatever suits your personality, this type of customization makes sure that no matter how many times you view the portrait, it always feels fresh.

Tips For Perfect Placement at Home

When considering a picture to place in your home, there are many factors to consider. Of course, getting the right photo of your pet is key. But here are some other tips that mean you won't end up with a picture you can't put out on show anywhere.

Choose a Spot That Makes Sense

You don't always need to hang a portrait above the fireplace. It doesn't work unless you live somewhere cold enough for fires all year round.

Instead, place it somewhere you'll notice it. Or, if your pet's no longer around, you might want to cherish the memories and place the portrait on their favorite spot on the kitchen side.

Consider How To Display Them

There are lots of options available, from standard photo sizes to large wall prints. Yet, when choosing which option works best for you, accounting for room dimensions is a must.

Also, feel free to enhance your living space with ambient lighting. Ambient lighting can bring out the best in the custom pet portrait, showcasing your pet's most beautiful features within the frame.

Don't Forget Their Personality!

You have to capture your pets' personalities as well as their looks. If you've got an animal lover among your friends and family, then chances are they already know what kind of image you're looking to produce. So before taking any photos, ask yourself: "What do I want my pet to say?" 

5. They Can Improve Your Mental Health

It's a common fact that mental health and animal keeping share a pattern of improved well-being. By keeping an animal, people worldwide for many years have proven it improves their lives in more ways than one. So allow the custom pet portrait to reflect this with the same love and joy they bring to you each day.

On top of that, the chances are that you'll end up spending less time worrying about your pet than usual. For example, by having one hanging in your bedroom, you may find yourself feeling more relaxed and ready to face another day. Or, if you're the kind to travel away from home a lot, having a portable portrait of your pet in your bag can brighten up your day.

Plus, If you’re a pet owner, then the chances are that your furry friend is the center of attention in your home, whether it be because they bring joy to your life or it's because they make you smile every day.

Pets have an undeniable charm and personality all their own. And while many people love having photos taken with them, some people are private. They would rather not share those moments on social media. 

Tips for Portraits That Improve Mental Health

There's no doubt that your favorite picture will bring happiness and joy. But here are some tips that will guide you through making the right decision.

Discuss Requests With The Artist or Photographer

A good artist or photographer will consult with you to ensure you're getting the best for your money. Many have a great personality, so if you're the nervous type, they'll put you at ease to help you decide.

It's also good to have a second opinion. You might have an attachment to a specific photo.

But over time that this photo could bring back other memories that could affect your mindset. So it's worth considering the bigger picture (no pun intended!) first. 

Choose Bright Colors and Daylight

Many believe that pictures on a sunny day improve positive vibes all around. These vibes will radiate from the portrait and into your heart. Pictures on a gloomy day only add to the depression and anxiety, especially in losing a loved one.

What's more, if you want to get the most out of your portraits, try taking them outdoors. This way, you won't need to worry about any harsh lighting effects indoors.

Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of the beautiful scenery around you. It's always better to capture nature. Over time it's been a source of happiness and mood-boosting.

If you don't live near a park or beach, keep the natural light instead and consider photos in your garden. A good photographer will consider all this when creating the perfect pet portrait.

Other Factors to Consider

We've already covered a lot in this guide to custom pet portraits, but at the same time touched the surface. Here are a couple of pointers that will help you in your quest to find the perfect portrait:

Most people choose only to have one pet present. But is it something where you'd want all your pets involved? And, will yourself or the family in question also be involved?

If you're going for an artistic approach, it's much easier for the artist to draw your pet by itself. But suppose you're going for the perfect photography shot. Having you in the frame might put an anxious dog at ease, for example.

Types of Custom Pet Portrait

When choosing which type of portrait to order, there are three main types available:


Traditional approaches are less common these days since most photography and artwork are digitized. But you may be able to find a vintage photographer who can take photographs with the old film effect for artistic purposes!


Digital photography has become more popular recently. That's due to its ease of use and affordability. And digital artistry is also common as you have much more flexibility with the result. 


Portraits don't need to be photographic. For most, artists combine the above techniques and recreate moments captured on camera.

In the past, using pencils or watercolors was common. In more recent times, digital drawing has come a long way, and the effects are astounding! 

Cost and Size of the Portrait

Factor in your budget when considering a custom pet portrait. Many choose to opt for a smaller size but a better quality finish for the money. But in doing so, is that going to be appreciated by the person you're gifting the picture?

If their eyesight isn't great, you might be better with a larger portrait that allows them to see the details better when hanging on the wall.

Custom Pet Portraits Bring Happiness

There are so many ways to bring a photograph or image to life. And one of the best ways is through art, from changing the background color to making the animal bigger or smaller.

And remember that custom pet portraits are more than a gift. They're a sentimental possession that will outlive both our pets and ourselves. The right custom pet portrait will make a memory last a lifetime.

If you're looking to enrich your life with a custom pet portrait, then look no further and check out our custom pet portrait service today! Our pet portraits are available in the UK, Canada and Australia.