March 30, 2020 2 min read

The world completely pet-obsessed.

I’m not talking about those whosimply like dogs, or have cats. I’m talking about the ones who use their pets as surrogates for human relationships and can’t stand being without them. The ones who takes their pet to get a photo with Santa Claus in the holidays and have a bigger celebration for their pet's birthday than their own.

Lady with a dalmatian

If you saw them from afar you would think, “hey, that's just a regular person”, but when you spend time with them you start tosee the signsof an unhealthy obsession. You will notice that your coffee chats become increasingly dominated by, “Felix’s fussy eating habits”.

They are the type to put ‘Proud Dog Parent’ or ‘I probably swiped right because of your dog’ on their dating profile. Everything they share on social media involves their pet,and a lot of hashtags - “Just had a walk with this one #dogstagram #instadog #dogoftheday #fortheloveofpets #puppytrip #icanteven”.

They used to travel all over Europe but now don’t even leave the country. When they do - it will involve hours searching for the most pet-friendly hotels. “Susan, was it really necessary to bring your dog to DisneyLand?!

They no longer take part in the family holiday photograph. They have a new family now, just them and the dog. And their cardwould not be complete a paw print to sign it off too.

Your friend cares so much about their pet that you don’t talk much anymore and you wonder whether you should be getting them a gift at all. But perhaps our attitude is wrong and we should start to admire their dedication. 

So,if you dostill love them - here is what I recommend:

Duvet Cover

Custom Dog Duvet Cover

This one is for the partners who are sick of letting their dog obsessed lover allowing the pet to sleep on the bed. A pet inspired duvet cover is the ultimate compromise. (Avaliable here)

Shower Curtain

Custom Dog Shower Curtain

A normal person might question why someone would want a dog in the bathroom but they can’t stand being alone, even in the bathroom. Perhaps a strange gift that can be made even weirder if they turn it round the other way. It does look as though it has passed lab(rador) testing. (Avaliable here)


As a pet owner there are times where you will be curled up on the sofa and your pet will be asleep or in it’s own bed. This blanket is for those times. When they can’t snuggle up with their pet, they no longer have to fear being alone. (Avaliable here)